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Video] BlackBerry Security: Protecting and Connecting the World

At BlackBerry, security is what drives us – it’s in our DNA. Our dedication to helping our clients be faster and safer has allowed us to become a leader in secure mobility. But it’s also helped us accomplish so much more.

To us, security isn’t just about corporate clients or the bottom line. The video above encompasses what inspires us to create the solutions we do, and shows why we think our work is truly important. It demonstrates the real value of security – the human value.

Our solutions keep emergency responders in touch during a crisis, no matter how dire the situation grows.

Our solutions protect the personal information of employees all over the world from those who would misuse it.

Our solutions keep hospital staff efficient and effective, better-equipping them to save lives.

Our solutions are a lifeline. They are the guiding security force for thousands of clients. They enable secure communication for hundreds of thousands of people.

We’ve worked together with you, our clients and partners, for 30 years to build an enduring legacy of connecting and protecting the world. With your help, we’ve set the standard for dependable, secure global communication, changing countless lives in the process. We’re honored to continue this legacy for many years to come.

But that isn’t something we plan to do alone – we’d like to continue the conversation on security with you at the next annual BlackBerry Security Summit on July 19 in New York City. We’ll discuss ongoing trends and current threats in today’s enterprise security landscape. BlackBerry partners and leading security experts from multiple industries will be in attendance, and topics include the future of EMM, real-world threat management, and how to address the crisis of confidence in information security. Click here for further details.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Marty Beard

About Marty Beard

Marty Beard (martyjbeard @ Twitter) is Chief Operating Officer at BlackBerry. He is responsible for leading cross-functional operations, including Marketing, Strategic and Application Partnering, Pricing, Corporate Support and Quality, eCommerce Sales and Security Evangelism. Marty previously served as Chairman and CEO of LiveOps, Inc., a software and services provider of cloud applications for customer service. He was also President of Sybase 365, a mobile messaging and mobile commerce unit of Sybase, Inc., and Vice President for eCommerce at Oracle Corp. He has a B.A. from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Georgetown University.