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BlackBerry’s Cryptographic Security Technology is at the Heart of the ‘Software-Defined Car’

BLACKBERRY QNX / 08.22.16 / Bill Boldt

Certicom, the crypto expert in the BlackBerry Technology Solutions family, is prepared to lead the way to a secure software-defined future for the automotive industry –because when it comes to the future, proven experience matters.

Tomorrow, please join Certicom for a 60-minute webinar, demo, and Q&A focusing on the three important elements of security for the emerging software-defined car:

1) Securing the supply chain
2) Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate management
3) Software-defined car with a trust anchor (live demo)

Register by clicking on the banner below:

Certicom Webinar RegistrationCerticom is a recognized leader in public key infrastructure (PKI) security design, innovation, and delivery. PKI is a foundational technology that has become the cornerstone of real world security across the Internet, mobile, medical, financial, government, military, consumer, automotive, industrial, IoT, and just about every application that communicates information electronically.

Public Key Cryptography uses public-private cryptographic key pairs to sign digital certificates and provide the essential elements of security, which are confidentiality, data integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation. PKI establishes the infrastructure that defines how digital certificates are created, distributed, stored, and revoked.

Public Key Cryptography matters

It is not at all an overstatement to characterize Public Key Cryptography as having established the main way that security is provided throughout today’s (and tomorrow’s) connected world. In fact, anyone who has ever logged on to a secure web site such as e-commerce or e-banking has used Public Key crypto, most likely without even knowing it. it is already built into personal computers and smart phones, and it won’t be long before it is built into every embedded application as well. And, that is a very important notion to grasp.

Certicom means security

Certicom Means Security

Proven PKI solutions from world leading software and security infrastructure suppliers like Certicom increase device (e.g. semiconductor chip and board) security, fight counterfeiting and cloning of products and firmware, promote product and personal identity authentication, secure asset management in supply chains, and improve the security of numerous other applications, including the emerging Internet of things (“IoT”).

Public Key crypto’s tremendous growth is being increasingly driven by two powerful forces: 1) the widespread adoption of autonomous communicating devices (including IoT) across many applications segments, and 2) the realization that such devices absolutely must be authenticated (as noted by Dr. Vint Cerf, who is credited as one of the founders of the Internet). In addition to authentication, the other critical components of security are needed for true security; namely, confidentiality, data integrity, and non-repudiation.

More things connecting translates directly into more targets, so security from end-to-end is becoming mandatory. In fact, vulnerability increases faster than the increase in the number of nodes. (This is a corollary to Metcalf’s Law of the power of a network growing at the 4th power of the number of nodes.)

Security matters

More Attack Surfaces

Security matters to everyone because everything that connects is vulnerable.  Because Certicom solutions are resource optimized, certified, and practical it is easy to obtain world class, security and protect manufacturing supply chains to enhance revenue, profit, and protect brand equity.

Certicom’s 3 products families of government validated crypto libraries, PKI certificate solutions, and asset management systems make “things” not just secure, but BlackBerry secure, without having to become a crypto expert.

This was originally published on the QNX Auto blog.

Bill Boldt

About Bill Boldt

Bill Boldt is Sr. Business Development Manager, Security, Blackberry Certicom