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Enterprises Take Note: Keyboard Update to BlackBerry’s Secure Android is the Perfect Tool for Global Business Travelers

08.05.16 / jlarock

cityscape from airviewThe days when enterprises operated on a strictly local scale are long past. The business world has gone global, and it’s essential that you’re able to respond to clients and customers wherever you are, and whatever language they speak. That’s why our latest update to the BlackBerry Keyboard contains the following exciting enhancements:

  • Chinese input (pinyin and Cangjie)
  • Ability to quickly switch languages. Touch and hold the Space key to access all of your input languages, or to quickly switch to the previous input, on the touchscreen keyboard, swipe left on the Space key; on the physical keyboard, press Alt + Enter.
  • Ability to change the currency key on a touch screen keyboard
  • Improved prediction and correction: view and edit the list of words that the BlackBerry Keyboard has learned, and correct misspelled words more easily

One more item not mentioned above is the new integration with BlackBerry Password Keeper that allows you to autofill password fields. If you use BlackBerry Password Keeper now (and who doesn’t with all the passwords you have to remember?), you’re probably familiar with this scenario: you need to insert one of your passwords into an app, so first, you minimize the app, open BlackBerry Password Keeper to retrieve and copy your password, and then go back to the app to paste the password. Now, with this enhancement, when you need to insert a password into an app or website, it’s much simpler: just pop in your password using the autofill toolbar that appears above the BlackBerry Keyboard.

Screenshot showing how the autofill toolbar appears above the BlackBerry Keyboard on a login screen

Before you can use autofill, you’ve got to set it up. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure you have the latest versions of BlackBerry Password Keeper (version 1.3 or later) and BlackBerry Keyboard (version 2.2 or later).
  2. In the BlackBerry Password Keeper app, tap (alt text: The menu icon) > Settings.
  3. Select the Autofill
  4. Tap Open settings.
  5. Tap Password Keeper autofill.
  6. Turn on the switch.
  7. Tap OK.
  8. If prompted, enter your screen lock, and then tap Next. (Note: this turns off Secure start-up. To see how to turn it back on, check out the Help site.)

Once this is complete, the next time that you need to enter your password on the web or in an app, you can use autofill.

For more details on setting up and using autofill, check out the BlackBerry Password Keeper help.


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