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Spreading the Word About BlackBerry’s Software Pivot

What do today’s connected cars, life-critical drug infusion pumps, utility systems that deliver the water you drink and shower with, and emergency communication systems have in common? They are all powered and protected by BlackBerry software.

BlackBerry has a long history dedicated to protecting and connecting the world. With our software pivot, we are now better-oriented for the task than ever.

To put it in the words of CEO John Chen, BlackBerry is no longer just about the smartphone – we are the smart in the phone. We’re about meeting the unique security and usability needs of each and every business or organization and each of its workers. We’re about keeping everything from regulated information to intellectual property to client data safe from prying eyes.

Because so many of our clients put such critical information in our hands, trust means everything in the world to them – as it does to us. That’s why we received the highest score in all six categories of Gartner’s High Security Mobility Management Report.  It’s why our software and services revenue nearly doubled in Q2 2017, and why we hold more than 70 security certifications – more than any other mobile provider.

jesse-blackberry-ad-frontAnd so, with all this in mind, we are amplifying our efforts to let the world know about the new BlackBerry. Starting today there will be print and digital online ads in two of the leading English-language business publications in the world highlighting our top mobile management rankings with Gartner. We’re beginning today with the front page with the Wall Street Journal, which has more than 20 million monthly readers, and then moving to the Financial Times, which gets more than 2.2 million readers every day.

These ads are only the first step. Moving forward, we will also be turning to you, our customers. What incredible things have we accomplished together? How have we helped you deliver better outcomes and secure every corner of your enterprise?

And perhaps most importantly, what is it about the BlackBerry brand that inspires you to trust us?

Mobility has evolved beyond smartphones and tablets, and we’re spreading the word that BlackBerry is at the forefront of that evolution. So keep an ear to the ground. You’ll be hearing about us a lot more in the very near future.

Marty Beard

About Marty Beard

Marty Beard (martyjbeard @ Twitter) is Chief Operating Officer at BlackBerry. He is responsible for leading cross-functional operations, including Marketing, Strategic and Application Partnering, Pricing, Corporate Support and Quality, eCommerce Sales and Security Evangelism. Marty previously served as Chairman and CEO of LiveOps, Inc., a software and services provider of cloud applications for customer service. He was also President of Sybase 365, a mobile messaging and mobile commerce unit of Sybase, Inc., and Vice President for eCommerce at Oracle Corp. He has a B.A. from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Georgetown University.