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Clearing the Air: Five Things Everyone Should Know About the New BlackBerry

PRIV keyboard

Last week, we took a major step forward in our ongoing software pivot, to strong acclaim. The launch of BlackBerry Secure represents the culmination of several years of effort, and the consolidation of our enterprise software solutions into a single, unified platform. Now more than ever, our mobile-native approach to security delivers the foundational platform needed for the Enterprise of Things.

But as we race towards this new horizon, we must clear the air. Despite our repeated, best attempts to explain our transformation, doom and gloom rumors continue to persist, especially around the state of BlackBerry devices (as some Nigerian readers might have seen).

Let’s try again, shall we?

1)      BlackBerry Devices Aren’t Going Away

It’s true that we’ve moved away from in-house hardware development, but that doesn’t mean we’re abandoning mobile devices. We are already leveraging trusted partners to develop and distribute our hardware, and we’ll continue to provide software that promotes both security and productivity.

Even if a device is not directly manufactured by us, our security smarts still go into it, through elements such as the hardware root of trust, through regular, timely patches, and more.

2)      BlackBerry’s Android is Better than Ever

Back when we launched our first secure Android smartphone, PRIV, our goal was to set the bar for Android privacy and productivity. We’ve more than done so. Our most recent release, DTEK60, received excellent reviews, and like DTEK50, is an ideal choice for any enterprise deployment.

(Or check out our PRIV, now only $399 with free shipping at ShopBlackBerry).

Through tools like the DTEK privacy app, and rapid patching of vulnerabilities such as QuadRooter, our users never have to worry about their data being at risk. And thanks to our monthly software updates, BlackBerry’s take on Android is constantly improving.

3)      We Still Support BlackBerry 10


We understand how important BlackBerry 10 is for our enterprise clients. We remain committed to supporting it – that’s why we recently announced the BlackBerry 10.3.3 for Government release, which brings BB10 up to the highest standards of security, while also improving certificate management. And we haven’t forgotten that people use BlackBerry 10 outside the workplace, either.

WhatsApp support for BlackBerry 10 has been extended deep into 2017. Our web-based Facebook replacement works just as well as the native app, and offers several new features, including comment replies and better post loading.  Lastly, for those of you unaware of BlackBerry 10’s answer to Siri and Google Now, check out BlackBerry Assistant. This powerful, voice-controlled organizational aide is powered by the well-known Wolfram Alpha engine, and is every bit as formidable as its peers (and don’t forget that PRIV and DTEK50/60 users all have access to Google Now).

4)      Our Software’s the Way to Go for Productivity

The BlackBerry Hub and its associated apps have often been cited as one of the best things about BlackBerry devices (right up there with the keyboard). For my part, I can hardly imagine getting through a work day without it. Whether on Android or BlackBerry 10, our productivity suite provides a seamless, intuitive, and consistent experience – one that integrates readily with a wide range of apps including Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail.

Since releasing that suite as a subscription service on Android, it’s received thousands of rave reviews, but it’s on BlackBerry devices that it really shines.

5)      Security and Reliability Are What We Do Best

BB_Passport_Travellers_reveal crop

BlackBerry has a long history of protecting sensitive enterprise data, and our software is some of the most secure on the market. Our 80+ security certifications – most of any mobile vendor – prove it. But security isn’t all we do – our devices are built for reliability, and offer superior battery life, high-end hardware, and excellent connectivity. There’s a reason so many people still use the BlackBerry Passport, and a reason DTEK60 has been so highly-praised.

In Closing

Although BlackBerry’s primary focus is on enterprise software, our devices are here to stay, too. With intuitive proprietary apps, high-end hardware, and a focus on security and productivity, BlackBerry smartphones are a great choice for both work and play. Anyone who says otherwise simply hasn’t been paying attention.

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