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Why BlackBerry Dynamics Could Be the Missing Piece of Your App Security Puzzle

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When you’re trying to deploy a new application within your organization, the last thing you want is for it to get bogged down in an argument about security. Yet that’s precisely what happens in many businesses, time and again. On one side, you’ve got business leaders who just want to better enable themselves and their employees, and developers who just want to build great apps.

On the other, you’ve got the IT department acting as the proverbial stick-in-the-mud.

“You can’t do that,” they say. “That isn’t secure. It puts our data at risk.”

Like it or not, they’re right. Consider, for example, what happens to a file containing protected health information if an employee moves it out of a healthcare app to Dropbox. Consider the cost to your organization if a business-critical application has its data hijacked and transferred to an overseas server.

You need to establish a security baseline for your enterprise applications, a challenge BlackBerry is uniquely qualified to address. A key component of our new BlackBerry Secure platform, BlackBerry Dynamics is an advanced, mature development platform and container for mobile apps. Designed to eliminate the risk of data leakage with proven security at the app level, it’s one of the best tools on the market for the efficient creation and integration of enterprise apps, workflows, and business processes.

There are several reasons why:

It Provides the Best Security on the Market

BlackBerry Dynamics provides the gold standard for securing mobile applications. Built from the industry- and analyst- recognized BlackBerry Dynamics secure container, it containerizes your applications at the software level. This sets it apart from most approaches, which rely on device-level encryption, leading to inconsistent security and greatly increasing the risk of a leak.

It Protects Every App You Need

dynamics-inbox-photoAny application built using the BlackBerry Dynamics Software Development Kit automatically inherits Dynamics’ strong protections of both in-transit and at-rest data while also conforming to existing security policies. Moreover, it enables secure data exchange between applications, allowing you to implement business processes that use multiple apps or systems. Dynamics lets you roll out a wide range of new apps, without having to worry if doing so puts your data at risk.

In addition to internally-built custom apps, BlackBerry Dynamics supports leading mobile apps from hundreds of different ISVs.

It’s Built for Reliability

Like all BlackBerry’s offerings, Dynamics is built with the needs of enterprise customers in mind. It’s highly-scalable, supporting up to 20,000 users per server. It is also architected for high-availability and disaster recovery with unprecedented flexibility to match the topology of almost any data center.  This allows it to support even the most demanding enterprises without pause.

It Offers Robust and Powerful Development Tools

dynamics-presenceThe BlackBerry Dynamics SDK is designed to help you quickly and efficiently build whatever applications your business needs, integrating any BlackBerry service (ie. Workspaces, UEM, etc.) into your application via a platform-as-a-service model. Your devs can build apps using the developer tools and methodologies you’re most familiar with, and Shared Services allows developers to quickly assemble new apps by tapping into the functions and features of existing applications. End result?

Less time spent on development busywork, and more time spent on innovation.

It Makes App Deployment More Flexible Than Ever

In addition to supporting on-premises, cloud, and hybrid app deployment models, BlackBerry Dynamics allows businesses to securely deliver data and apps to devices they don’t control. That includes devices used by business partners, customers, and independent contractors. It’s able to do this because it can be deployed without an MDM solution – meaning it’s more convenient for your IT department and less intrusive for external and internal employees alike.

BlackBerry Dynamics is more than just a security tool – it’s a market-leading platform that lets you build apps faster while focusing on their unique interfaces and business logic.  Through an advanced, mature, and tested mobile app container, it eliminates the risk of data leakage via apps. And thanks to its flexibility and powerful set of development tools, it can support whatever applications, workflows, and business processes necessary to protect your organization, and move it into a new era of connected devices – a true “Enterprise of Things.”

With BlackBerry Dynamics, no one needs to be a stick-in-the-mud – everyone gets to focus on what they do best, without having to worry about whether or not they’re putting themselves at risk.

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