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When Robots Go Rogue – What’s Real in AI?

NEWS / 01.18.17 / The Cylance Team
WestworldJ.A.R.V.I.S .… Knight Rider … seems like we’ve been surrounded by artificial intelligence (AI) for a long time, doesn’t it?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) are no longer science fiction. The power of advanced algorithmic mathematics is being applied to everything from high-speed stock trading to cancer research.

Odds are, over the past year, you’ve probably seen something somewhere about Cylance applying AI and ML to endpoint security. Lots of hype. Lots of airport ads . Lots of live appearances all over the world. After all that time, energy and money spent… you have to be asking yourself… how are AI and ML being applied to better secure our critical networks?

What if we put together a roomful of people led by Cylance Chief Strategy Officer Jon Miller to address those questions?

At Cylance, we’re not trying to make a better endpoint protection solution. We’re not trying to make a better antivirus. We’re making something entirely different. We were born AI. We have never been anything else.

As other solutions play catch up, they flood the marketplace with confusion. Security pros need to be able to make sense of what is new, why we are different and how our 'different' is better.

Cylance wants to get rid of the standard, reactive 'detect and remediate' legacy antivirus approach.

How? Cylance AI analyzes statistically similar blocks of code to identify benign and malicious files with predictive analytics. This approach represents a quantum leap in endpoint protection over traditional signature, heuristic, and behavioral methods by preventing execution in real time.

Cylance machine learning has reinvented endpoint protection by proactively stopping attacks before they manifest in a system. Legacy AV cannot prevent threats proactively, so they have to add layers of additional EDR tools. These approaches still require a “sacrificial lamb” or “patient zero” to be infected because they can’t prevent never-before-seen and unknown attacks.

We could tell you all about it right here, but then… what would be the point of getting all those experts together in one room?

Yes friends… at 10.00am PST on Friday, 27th January 2017, Cylance Chief Strategy Officer Jon Miller will lead a cast of technical experts in a Reddit AMA to address any and all questions you may have regarding Cylance as a company, a technology, a process… a philosophy.

Follow us on Twitter @CylanceInc where we will post the link to the Reddit AMA just before the session is set to begin, and you can help drive the conversation and learn more about the future of security.
The Cylance Team

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