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Intended Cybersecurity Consequences

NEWS / 02.15.17 / The Cylance Team

Cylance Solutions Yield Lasting Results Across the Enterprise

With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the future of cybersecurity has arrived. No more legacy antivirus, no more signatures, no more sandboxing, isolation or post-execution incident response, and no more clean up. Once deployed, you and your enterprise immediately enjoy several core benefits resulting from a fundamental change to your endpoint protection strategies.

Cylance provides a far greater level of threat prevention than afforded by traditional antivirus (AV) solutions. You can achieve this without managing a standalone host intrusion prevention system (IPS) product, reliance on human classifications, on-premise infrastructure, constant software updates, or threat execution. Cylance’s predictive prevention analyzes malicious code at the DNA-level to stop threats before they execute. It operates without frequent updates, with no Internet connection, and without requiring human knowledge transfer.

Cylance's preventative solutions automatically target things like potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) and exploit-based attacks using a single, simple, lightweight solution that works at the endpoint. It requires minimal updates, so you don’t have to worry about being constantly connected to the Internet or being up to date on the latest DAT files. And it works on air-gapped networks, so you can be completely disconnected from the cloud yet enjoy superior security protection.   

Cylance AI prevents today’s greatest threats, including polymorphic malware attacks. This insidious tactic, whether the variant consists of a virus, worm, trojan, or spyware, constantly changes or ‘morphs’ the malware into new and unidentified threat strains. By creating ever-so-slightly deviated versions of malicious code, attackers can repackage and resend threats so rapidly that they outpace signature-based solutions and go undetected.

No matter how slight or significant the mutation, polymorphic threats are stopped dead with Cylance AI without the need for a patient zero or first victim. As the new landscape of polymorphic threats grows, bad actors have adopted types of ‘malware factory’ automation which mechanize malware variant creation – for example, the Cerber hash factory, which sends automated assembly code to generate unique file names and hashes, morphing every 15 seconds to avoid detection. Cylance provides sophisticated machine learning capabilities that outperform the high-volume, high-frequency tactics employed today.

Today more than one million open security jobs exist worldwide. In addition, many IT staff spend their workdays performing low-level re-imaging duties. Whether you’re an executive concerned about the cybersecurity talent shortage, or an IT practitioner looking to carry out value-added functions rather than responding to a sea of ‘fix-ticket’ requests, Cylance provides the AI you need to free up your workday from menial remediation tasks. You can employ an endpoint solution that is predictive and preventative to silence the alerts and empower staff to do more without additional resources. You can remove redundant tickets and re-imaging requests, and replace low-priority tasks with sophisticated forensics, cyberthreat hunting, and server/web/email security checks.

With an ever-increasing mobile workforce that requires access to sensitive data and systems using both corporate and ‘BYOD’ personal devices — requiring more endpoint protection than ever before — you can now better prevent and protect both types of devices used for work.

While ransomware attacks have increased to an all-time high, you can protect your entire network from the rise of the ransomware economy using the leader in AI for security. Prevent attackers from accessing your critical files, holding your data hostage, and crippling your business within minutes of installation. You can also remove the risk of fines, litigation, loss of revenue, business and branding reputation, and lost data that can bankrupt a company and endanger customers.

Finally, Cylance AI provides a simple, streamlined solution that scales to provide protection to small, medium, and large enterprises. Scalability is vital today since more attacks occur with the goal of gaining access to primary targets using third-party or ‘pivot’ organizations, such as those that occurred last summer during the SWIFT banking attacks. Just a few years ago, small organizations didn’t have to worry about the possibility of a breach; today, these organizations are at risk because they are targeted for entry into larger organizations. The recent IRS breach and the 2015 OPM breach are also high-profile examples of this growing phenomenon.


Organizations can now protect every endpoint in the enterprise without over-complicated technology stacks and multiple solutions. Unlike legacy antivirus and endpoint detection solutions, Cylance AI doesn’t require a constant connection to cloud services, signature updates or scheduled scans. Administrators can employ threat prevention on a local host without an Internet connection.


The seemingly endless alerts generated by antiquated techniques significantly drop to give organizations enhanced efficiencies throughout their security operations while also reducing impact to users and lessening ‘alert fatigue’. In addition, the advantage of employing algorithmic endpoint security is that it uses less than 1% of computer processing power.

When organizations change their cybersecurity approach to pre-execution, they begin to remove layers of technology, resources, and people dedicated to continuous response. Thus, costs are significantly lowered, and they begin to discover ways to consolidate infrastructure.


Cylance AI solutions and services can be applied across platforms, operating systems, file types, and devices. You can secure your entire infrastructure, at any size, with one simple solution that works across Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. In addition, Cylance predictive, preventative AI easily integrates into existing SIEM platforms, and it also works in OEM and embedded versions from leading technology vendors. It provides flexible solutions for security from system- and memory-based attacks, malicious documents, zero-day malware, privilege escalations, scripts, and potentially unwanted programs (PUPS).


The byproduct of greater security includes significant improvements in IT and deployment resources, meaning you gain excellent protection with little system impact. With Cylance AI, you gain a greater return on investment while safeguarding your precious system resources.

Reduce user impact throughout the enterprise with endpoint security that requires:

  • Less than 1% of CPU
  • No Internet connection or signature updates required
  • Only 40-50 MB of memory

Legacy antivirus and endpoint detection and response (EDR) vendors require you and your IT teams to search and discover threats that get past layered security defenses. Cylance enables you to dramatically reduce emergency detection and response to malware because you eliminate threats before they execute. We provide real threat prevention, at the endpoint, using an intuitive web console and simple SIEM integration, with no signature updates or scan schedules.

Want to learn more? Read the white paper.

The Cylance Team

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Our mission: to protect every computer, user, and thing under the sun.

Cylance’s mission is to protect every computer, user, and thing under the sun. That's why we offer a variety of great tools and resources to help you make better-informed security decisions.