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BlackBerry Notable App for Android Lets You Scribble Down Your Best Ideas

ANDROID / 02.11.17 / Ken W

notable_screenshot_revisedLate last year, I was stuck in a long line at the mall waiting to buy holiday gifts and decided to make good use of my time by reviewing a slide deck on my phone. To share my comments with my team, I created an email in BlackBerry Hub to type up my notes and sent them off to my team, all before I even got to the checkout to pay for my gifts.

Even while patting myself on the back for my smart multitasking and productivity skills, I knew I could’ve been even more efficient if I’d been able to mark up the document directly, then send that back to my team

Luckily for me – and for you – BlackBerry has just released Notable, another great app part of the BlackBerry Hub+ Suite of applications.

BlackBerry Notable is a content creation and sharing app that allows you to quickly capture content on screen, mark it up with text or free-form drawing tools, and share it with friends and colleagues.

The screen capture can be triggered from your device’s convenience key, through a custom swipe gesture shortcut, or by tapping the dedicated screen-capture notification in the notification tray. From there, you can mark up the content you captured in the app – you can draw on it freely, add text, or even add stickers to call attention to something specific.

notable_screenshot_02After you mark up your content, it’s easy to send it to your friends via the Android share framework or through apps including Evernote, Hub, BBM, and OneNote.

You can also define a “quick share” action to expedite sharing your Notable content to a preferred app. (For me, that would be Hub, since collaboration is an essential part of my job.)

Notable is also great for things like quickly jotting down a critical note, marking a location on a map, or communicating something about an IM, document, web page, or practically any other type of visual content.

It gives you many options for creating content, including starting with a blank canvas, adding in images from your image gallery, taking a photo with your camera, or (as mentioned above) capturing a screenshot.

Imagine you’re in a meeting and your boss asks a question that you need your team’s input to answer. You could use Notable to snap a photo of a whiteboard session, scribble the question onto the image, send it off to your team for quick feedback, and answer your boss’ question before the meeting is over.

notable_screenshot_03Or, imagine it’s 5:30 p.m. and you just remembered it’s your best friend’s birthday. You need to send them a unique greeting (one that makes it look like you hadn’t forgotten until just that minute).

Just pull a photo of your friend into Notable, draw on a funny hat, add a “happy birthday” sticker, and sign it with your favorite inside joke. Pop it into an email or text message, and boom! You look like the thoughtful birthday hero that you really want to be.

Those of you rocking BlackBerry Android devices such as PRIV, DTEK50 and DTEK60 get the first dibs on Notable – find it now on the Google Play Store or click this link to download.

It will be available soon to anyone using BlackBerry Hub+ on non-BlackBerry Android phones; keep listening for updates.

Ken W

About Ken W

Ken Wallis is Senior Product Manager for Android platform and applications at BlackBerry.