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For Partners, Deal Registration Is Just the Start

PARTNERS / 04.07.17 / Almudena Maneiro

Deal Registration is a must-have tool in any partner program that aims to succeed. Initially, we implemented it at BlackBerry to help manage potential channel conflict. Now, however, it has become a powerful tool to strengthen strategic relationships with our partners.

In a world of technological disruption, solutions providers have built expert and long-standing relationships with their customers that technology cannot replace. This is why a strong solutions-provider ecosystem is key to success for BlackBerry. And why 10 months ago, we revamped our BlackBerry Enterprise Partner Program, enabling partners to build a mobility practice around our secure mobile solutions.

A good way to initiate this enablement is to build the trust and confidence of our partners. This is where a smooth and effective Deal Registration process comes in: our current process is designed to reward and protect partners’ efforts in developing and conveying new incremental business opportunities to BlackBerry. Deal Registration ensures that our sales team does not overlap with our partners’ opportunities.

But registration is just the start. On top of economic incentive, we offer our partners support, field teams, and sales tools which can be leveraged during the entire selling cycle, ensuring that we can take advantage of opportunities together. If you are a legacy Good Partner, you are already familiar with this process. It has been in place for a long time already, and has proven to be highly successful:

“Good/BlackBerry and COMPAREX have been partners for over several years. A couple of years ago, Good/BlackBerry launched the deal registration program,” says Michel van Teijlingen, General Manager, Comparex Netherlands. “This program allows COMPAREX to approach the marketplace with BlackBerry solutions and add the necessary value and services to our customers. The Deal Registration program is proof that BlackBerry is taking partners serious and is willing to invest in them.”

Putting Deal Registration into operation in a simple and effective way is just as important as the economic incentives of the program. We have also put a lot of careful planning into the operationalization of the process, both for quick approval – our expected turnaround for response (approve/deny) is within 48 hours – and for better tracking of opportunities through to the close, ensuring that our workflows are as clear and automated as possible. What makes our process different is that it is owned by sales operations to ensure operational rigor and consistency with our partners.

We leverage the current BlackBerry – former Good – Deal Registration process constantly, as it has proven successful in increasing our profitability, and lets us recognize those who have generated new opportunities for BlackBerry,“ says Franka Theis, Head of EMM Sales at SystAG Systemhaus GmbH, Metzingen, Germany.

If you are eligible for Deal Registration, make sure that your sales teams are aware of the benefits of registering a deal. Otherwise, you could miss out on important opportunities. Find out more information about our Deal Registration program and read our well-documented policy to ensure the business rules are clear in this matter.

Almudena Maneiro

About Almudena Maneiro

Passionate, curious and excited to experience firsthand how mobility is changing the way we work. Focused on partner success, I am currently responsible for developing global strategic initiatives and program innovations that help our enterprise partners to maximize the benefit from their relationship with BlackBerry. Follow me on twitter @amaneirom