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Tapping Into The Community To Provide 24/7 Online Support

NEWS / 04.06.17 / Previous Contributor

There was a time when companies would simply build products and sell them. All they needed were people who built products and people to sell them. Now, companies are realizing the power of communities to improve their customer experience. Here at Cylance, we believe that the best way to improve products and solve big problems is by forming a community of users to help each other and the world around them.

At Cylance, we deliver cutting-edge security products, so we understand that security folks are highly focused on keeping their personal information private, and rightly so. The downside of that reality is that, often, community and collaboration across and between organizations is a non-starter. While the security community is protective of its members for good reasons, the truth is, it is also very collaborative in certain specialized areas.

Our industry has been sharing threat data for decades to improve security for businesses and users alike. With the implementation of a collaborative online community of security-conscious individuals, we hope to be the connector that helps facilitate conversations between organizations and security teams dealing with similar problems in order to bring about potential real-world solutions.

We leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to prevent attacks before they begin. We thrive on data insights and proactive execution. Inspired by the themes that make our products great, our customer support is insightful and proactive as well.

So, what can you expect from the new Cylance Support Site with Community?

New Cylance Support Site With Community

Today, we're launching a brand new Support Site with Community that will give you the edge in securing your organization and infrastructure.

Here’s how our new support site will help you:

  • 24/7 self-service online support
  • Searchable knowledge base with FAQs
  • Product feedback channel where you can make feature requests and send ideas to our team
  • Online case submission and collaborative resolution, making getting help faster and easier than ever
  • Group chats and peer-to-peer networking, connecting you with people who are dealing with the same challenges you’re facing
  • Dedicated community manager to field questions and discussions

Our new Cylance Support Site with Community is a free online resource for customers to collaborate with Cylance and other users for product support and endpoint protection. Customers can connect with experts, search the knowledge base, and submit support requests. The community offers product information and discussion forums, and accepts feedback for product innovation.

Community Support Site - Landing Page

Knowledge Base

Community Support Site - Knowledge Base

Our detailed online knowledge base offers you anytime, anywhere answers to questions such as “What file types are scanned by CylanceV™?” or “What are threat indicators?” Our FAQs and release notes are searchable so you receive self-service support.


Community Support Site - Community Pages

Our industry and customers care deeply about sharing information and networking. Through discussion groups, we will enable our customers to share information and ask questions. Whether it’s frequently asked questions or more threat-specific advice, Cylance employees and customers can jump in and offer insight from their own shared experiences.


Community Support Site – Cases Page

With the dashboard view, you can track the cases you’ve filed online, file new cases, and the best part: you can collaborate in real time with support agents. It’s all in one spot, viewed in just minutes, and with the click of a few buttons.


Community Support Site – Ideas Page

We want to work with you to build better products and take product transparency to the next level. You will get direct access to our product and support teams to get advice and propose improvements. Vote up other ideas and view where the idea is on our product roadmap.

We invite you to visit the new Support Site with Community today to try it out!

Ashley Wolf,
Senior Community Manager, Customer Success

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