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BlackBerry Democratizes Mobile Application Development

The BlackBerry Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform is not only a platform of choice for several thousand enterprises, but also provides choices for developers. We enable enterprises to pursue bold mobile app transformation strategies by providing a platform that future proofs enterprise investments with opportunities for limitless innovation.

We are extremely delighted that one of our ecosystem partners Appdome is furthering their investments and innovation in the BlackBerry Dynamics Platform by bringing in the famous launcher capabilities of the BlackBerry Dynamics platform as part of their fusion process (watch our webinar to learn more).

Great companies provide choice. The BlackBerry Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform provides several choices for enterprises to develop and rollout secure mobile applications with secure transformational workflows leveraging the extensible services framework.

Choice 1: This plain vanilla approach enables developers to leverage the native development environments in tandem with the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for developing secure mobile applications that can be centrally managed via the BlackBerry UEM platform.

Several thousand custom apps and several hundred ISV apps have been deployed utilizing this approach. This approach allows you to develop apps that can preserve native OS capabilities while leveraging the enhanced security and management capabilities of the BlackBerry Dynamics Platform.

Choice 2: This approach enables developers to leverage the Cordova framework in tandem with the BlackBerry Dynamics Platform, thereby providing immense scale to a development organization to standardize their mobile application development around standard web technologies with full cross-platform support across iOS and Android.

Choice 3: Visual Studio is a gold standard when it comes to integrated development. BlackBerry was one of the earliest platforms to support Xamarin, which is now integrated with Visual Studio. This means a Visual Studio developer can technically develop apps that inherit the best of Xamarin and the BlackBerry Dynamics Platform, thereby democratizing application development to a scale never seen before.

BlackBerry Dynamics provides these choices because we believe flexibility is key to accelerating mobile app development. We encourage our customers, developers and ISV partners to evaluate the different options and choose the option(s) that best meets all of their objectives.

Join our developer program to get access to valuable resources that will help you quickly build secure mobile apps for enterprises, including:

  • BlackBerry enterprise development tools and server downloads
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Whether you are an iOS, Android, HTML5 or Visual Studio Developer or an IT Professional, BlackBerry has the right tools respectively to truly democratize mobile application development.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events. Come join us to democratize mobile application development.

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See the partner press release here.

Sriram Krishnan

About Sriram Krishnan

Sriram Krishnan is the Senior Director of Product Management at BlackBerry.