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China: Creating Partnerships and Preventing Cyberattacks

WEBCASTS / 06.26.17 / The Cylance Team

CSO Magazine and Cylance® Present: “China – Creating Business Partnerships and Preventing Cyberattacks”

For business leaders, it is difficult to ignore the opportunity to access China’s enormous, fast-growing economy for both enterprise and consumer products. With that opportunity comes exposure to a complex web of issues. Most executives know very little about how the political, cultural, and cybersecurity landscape in China may impact their ability to safely conduct business. To provide a roadmap to the current climate in China, Cylance has teamed with CSO Magazine for a discussion with a leading expert on conducting business in China, Anja Manuel, and Cylance’s Chief Security and Trust Officer, Malcolm Harkins. The conversation is moderated by CSO Publisher Bob Bragdon. 

In this first on-demand webinar of a three-part series titled, “China – Creating Business Partnerships and Preventing Cyberattacks”, Anja and Malcolm offer timely and well-informed insights for business leaders to consider as they weigh the pros and cons of entering the Chinese market.

The discussion begins with the importance of China as a trading partner and their notorious reputation for stealing intellectual property (IP). Anja then touches on how the new U.S. President is making progress with Chinese President Xi, but there are still many key issues on the table. That serves as a segue to the relationship between North Korea and China, where tensions are high, but North Korea continues to be reliant on China for 90% of its trade.

The next topic is the ever-present issue of censorship in China and how it is becoming stricter under President Xi. Censorship can have a negative impact on how business is conducted, as many companies rely on the Internet to transact commerce and share information. Cultural differences and corporate culture can similarly impact an organization’s ability to be successful in China.

One of the key perceived dangers to setting up shop in China is the protection of sensitive information and IP. This danger cannot be overstated. Malcolm shares specific insights into weighing the risks.

Having covered the benefits and pitfalls of conducting business in China, Anja discusses why she believes there is hope for companies to be successful in this market. Both Anja and Malcolm share their thoughts and advice for business and cybersecurity leaders on how to move forward with a China strategy.


Anja Manuel is Co-Founder and Partner of RiceHadleyGates LLC, a strategic consulting firm. She is a lecturer at Stanford University where she designed and teaches a course on U.S. Foreign Policy in Asia. In 2016, Simon & Schuster published Ms. Manuel’s critically acclaimed book, This Brave New World: India, China and the United States.
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This is just the first in a series of three webinars titled, “Securing the Ever-Connected World”. Cylance and CSO Magazine are presenting two additional webinars featuring Dr. Condoleezza Rice and Dr. Robert Gates. 

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