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Moving Beyond EMM: Build Your Business with BlackBerry UEM

As your business embraces more devices, apps, and services to drive growth, decision-makers are faced with the challenge of securing more than just mobile devices. You need to provide productivity tools across all devices – iOS, Android, Windows 10 and macOS. You need a unified endpoint management (UEM) platform. You need to protect applications, content, user identities, and endpoints. Many enterprise mobility management (EMM) and mobile device management (MDM) offerings are ill-suited to do so.

Your enterprise needs a truly secure computing platform for connecting and working anytime, anywhere. Only BlackBerry provides the network, infrastructure, and software to enable that. Here’s why.

1. The Future Is UEM – Most EMM Vendors Still Focus on MDM

BlackBerry understands that the enterprise has changed – and with it, the needs of businesses. It’s why we offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and services geared towards a wide variety of use cases (which we’ll discuss more in just a moment).  And it’s why BlackBerry UEM is built from the ground-up to manage not just mobile devices, but apps, desktops, as well as IoT endpoints, wearable technology, and more.

It’s also architected to be future-proof, with the ability to ‘snap on’ new management capabilities such as high availability, scalable architecture, enterprise directory integration, roles and authorization, and user, group, and policy management.

Other EMM vendors on the other hand, are still focused and dependent on management of devices, whereas BlackBerry is focused on enabling users with our own suite of apps and a broad ecosystem of third party apps. On top of that, BlackBerry’s annual investments into research & development eclipse some of our competitors’ total annual revenues. Being heavily reliant upon partners to provide key productivity capabilities, other EMM vendors cannot provide the innovations and services required to help your business innovate and grow. It cannot offer you what you require to thrive in the Enterprise of Things.

2.  Our Security’s Ironclad

When it comes to securing the enterprise, BlackBerry’s the clear leader. Gartner gave us the highest scores in all 6 use cases of its Critical Capabilities for High Security Mobility Management report. We also just repeated for second year in a row as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management. Compared to our competitors, we have more certifications (80+), a broader global footprint, and more extensive expertise in security.

Our portfolio – trusted by some of the highest-security industries and enterprises in the world – offers capabilities that others cannot match, including file-level digital rights management, encrypted mobile voice, SMS, and data, and the world-leading platform for networked crisis communication.

3. Flexibility Through BlackBerry > Iron-like Rigidity

With BlackBerry, your organization has the flexibility to choose what it supports, and how. Our platform’s fully compatible with native iOS, Android, Android Enterprise, Samsung Knox, Windows 10 and macOS. At the same time, we are not reliant upon device security or external vendors – our secure network directly connects users to your corporate infrastructure, and BlackBerry Dynamics provides industry-leading containerization to protect your apps no matter where or how they’re deployed.

And because our portfolio provides security at every level for Mobile Application Management, Mobile Content Management, as well as Identity and Access Management, you’re free to protect your business however works best for you. The same cannot be said of most EMM vendors. Their security offers little in the way of flexibility – using partner VPN technology with heavy reliance on often-inconsistent device controls for security.

4. BlackBerry Offers Everything Right Out of The Box

With BlackBerry Secure, we’ve built a comprehensive suite of software solutions that far exceeds today’s EMM offerings. BlackBerry’s clients do not have to rely on third-party email solutions, productivity suites, or security services. That means no disjointed user experience, no additional training costs, no inconsistent security, and full support for every product you install.

BlackBerry ISV partners augment and support key use cases for our customers. For instance, third-party apps work better on BlackBerry Dynamics. Leveraging the BlackBerry Launcher, Dynamics-enabled third-party apps are more easily discoverable and accessible with a unified secure mobile desktop user experience.

5. BlackBerry Is Simply Better at Secure Productivity

When EMM vendors talk about their “full suite of enterprise-ready productivity apps,” they leave out that core productivity capabilities are entirely provided almost entirely by partners. That isn’t the case with BlackBerry – we own and maintain our entire productivity suite. These productivity tools support and empower our partners’ apps, and create powerful workflows for the specific needs of verticals. No competitor can match BlackBerry Work’s industry-leading personal information manager (PIM), secure messaging, and collaboration capabilities.

Move Away from just Managing Devices, And Build your Business with BlackBerry Instead

Most EMM offerings are about managing devices. Unfortunately, management without secure productivity no longer cuts it in today’s enterprise marketplace. To keep your users productive, tap into your Enterprise of Things, and protect your data across devices and platforms, BlackBerry is simply a better choice.

To learn more about the differences between BlackBerry and our competitors, download our white paper.

Chris Hazelton

About Chris Hazelton

Chris Hazelton is Director, Product Marketing for Enterprise Software at BlackBerry. A former analyst at IDC and 451 Research, Chris has been working in management and security for enterprise endpoints for over 10 years.