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See You at Black Hat USA 2017!

NEWS / 06.26.17 / The Cylance Team

Come celebrate Black Hat’s 20th birthday with us in Vegas on July 22-27, 2017. If you go every year on this annual infosec pilgrimage, we welcome you back and hope to catch up with you at our party, on the show floor, or at one of our talks and trainings.

Newbs to Black Hat, brace yourselves. The annual conference brings together cybersecurity experts from across the globe, where they share compelling new research and attack methods, information on ongoing cybersecurity threats and trends, and come together for a reunion filled with mindshare, laughter, and cocktails.

You’ll be faced with an onslaught of professionals talking about their product(s) and services, but we think ours will be the most entertaining (yes, perhaps we’re a bit biased). Visit us at booth #716 to immerse yourself in our augmented reality experience, and learn about the anatomy of a cyberattack. Knowledge is power, as they say, and this experience will help you gain real insight into how modern cyberattacks originate, how they work, and how they can be prevented before they cause harm to your environment.

Also at our booth, you can meet Alex Matrosov, our Principal Research Scientist and author of Rootkits and Bootkits: Reversing Modern Malware and Next Generation Threats. Snag your free copy of his book and get it signed!

Alex will also be presenting his talk, “Betraying the Bios: Where the Guardians of the Bios are Failing,” where he’ll delve into UEFI security and weaknesses.

Tony Lee, Cylance’s Senior Director of Consulting Services, will demo CyBot, a chat bot that was the result of our research at Black Hat Arsenal. He’ll show you what CyBot can do and answer questions and we hope to get your feedback on future improvements. You can even learn how to build your own threat intelligence bot!

Our Director of Consulting Services, Tom Pace, and our Principal Consultant, Michael Scott, will be teaching a course on how to leverage artificial intelligence and the ELK stack for targeted threat hunting. In the course, you’ll learn how to create your own enterprise-wide hunting platform.

Now for the information you’ve all been waiting for: the Cylance party! Your feet are numb, you’re panting in the scorching July heat, and the only cure is… free snacks and drinks at minus5° with your friends at Cylance. Join us at 9PM on Wednesday, July 26 to chat with your industry peers in a refreshing setting. Reserve your spot now!

The Cylance Team

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Our mission: to protect every computer, user, and thing under the sun.

Cylance’s mission is to protect every computer, user, and thing under the sun. That's why we offer a variety of great tools and resources to help you make better-informed security decisions.