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Cylance Ensures Customer Security and Privacy

NEWS / 08.09.17 / Renee Beckloff

Cylance values our customer privacy first and foremost. We architected our systems in both CylancePROTECT® and CylanceOptics® to enable the highest degree of privacy while maintaining the highest degree of safety.

At no point do we share any customer information with any third party. Ever. Period.

Cylance is a protection-first company. We believe in finding and stopping threats and relying on detection-only methods as a backstop. Because of this, every install has the capability to make the correct decisions independent of the cloud-lookups many vendors rely on.

We believe that autonomous systems protecting endpoints creates a safer world. Because each endpoint has the capability to determine if a file is good or bad, we have no need to engage with third party scanners to make these determinations.

While we do accept uploads of executable binaries, they are for scoring and machine learning (ML) model training purposes only, and the source is completely anonymized. We never share these files with any third party, or even internal parties that don't have an absolute need to know. Even when used for ML training, the data is double blinded and heavily restricted to a small number of staff.

Many of our CylancePROTECT customers choose not to send binaries, and that is fine as well. We don't need any specific binary to train on, as we have a corpus of about 1.5 billion binaries already. Each binary is like a grain of sand on a beach - we can and do get what we need from other grains of sand, and if one or even a bunch are missing, it's still a beach.

We designed our EDR offering CylanceOPTICS to be fundamentally different than the "aggregate everything" model competitors use. Each sensor is like a black box flight data recorder in an airplane. Data remains locally on box (both activity data as well as the files and artifacts) until there is a clear need by an analyst to retrieve them.

This preserves privacy and limits any exposure to potential leaks. We can still search an enterprise for an artifact in seconds, but without the destruction of privacy that aggregation brings.

Cylance is dedicated to our customer's security. We believe it's impossible to be secure unless you can maintain privacy. As such, we often take a different road from traditional antivirus and now EDR vendors because we spend an immense amount of time and effort thinking about these problems.

Customers shouldn't have to settle for a tradeoff between security and privacy, and Cylance ensures both to the highest degree possible.

Renee Beckloff

About Renee Beckloff

Vice President of Global Customer Success at Cylance

Renee is the Vice President of Global Customer Success at Cylance. She is responsible for the overall success of customers through a global team of technical support engineers, product training and technical account management. Prior to joining Cylance, Renee served as VP of Customer Advocacy at CrowdStrike as well as leading support and services organizations at other companies such as Hortonworks and VeriSign.