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Why Analyst 451 Research Says BlackBerry Spark Communications Platform Sends All the Right Messages

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Since we unveiled the BlackBerry Spark Communications Platform earlier this year, we’ve seen a lot of interest and excitement. It’s been praised by media as a strong entry into the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) market, and also been called a game changer for developers.

451 Research are the latest experts to offer praise for Spark (and our overall software transformation).

According to analyst Raul Castanon-Martinez, “The launch of Spark is an important milestone for BlackBerry. It shows how the company is building on its security heritage to consolidate its transition into an enterprise software business. It also shows how BlackBerry will monetize its private secure network. This is a valuable asset that will enable BlackBerry to differentiate its offering. Positioning Spark as secure CPaaS is a bold move.”

While Castanon-Martinez notes that Spark now competes directly with Twilio for developers, he also believes that “BlackBerry has a competitive advantage in verticals with strict security and compliance requirements; its pricing strategy also represents a competitive advantage and differentiation.”

“There is still work to be done in terms of creating awareness and gaining market traction, but with a strong reputation in enterprise software, security and business communications, BlackBerry is starting off on the right foot.”

Spark has already been downloaded and used by 150 ISVs and developers in the first 90 days of release. We’re already seeing developers do great things with our platform. It helps connect workers at a major law firm. It’s taken patient care into the cloud. Perhaps most importantly of all, it’s a core component  of the Vulnerable Persons Project.

We’re taking other steps to make Spark even more developer friendly. Our new partnership with Appdome enables developers to integrate Spark’s capabilities “in a matter of seconds without making changes to code,” according to Tom Tovar, CEO of Appdome, in a press release made available today. (Note: this is our second partnership with Appdome – BlackBerry Dynamics developers can also accelerate their time-to-market using the Appdome platform, too.)

View and download the report from our SlideShare to learn more about Spark and 451 Research’s views:


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