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Mobilizing Workers in Regulated Industries Poses Bigger Security Challenges. Here are the Solutions.

Organizations in fields like healthcare, government, and financial services are faced with several unique challenges where mobility is concerned. On one hand, they must follow frameworks and directives such as MiFID II, regulations that dictate requirements around encryption strength, data storage, and data discoverability. On the other, workers in these industries have the same needs as anywhere else.

They must have access to the corporate resources they require to do their job. They must have the ability to quickly and easily collaborate with one another. And in some cases, they demand the ability to use their personal devices in the workplace.

How can IT professionals accomplish all of this without significant security trade-offs?

The Right Choice for Regulated Industries

BlackBerry has a long, successful history working with businesses in regulated industries.

Security is in our DNA, and our knowledge of the requirements for secure, compliant productivity is unmatched. To that end, we hold more certifications than any other vendor – over 80, including Common Criteria EAL4+, the highest internationally-recognized security certification under the Common Criteria program. Our solutions are trusted by 15 of the G20 governments, all of the G7 governments, ten out of 10 of the top US law firms, and 100% of the commercial banks in the Fortune 100.

We also work closely with both Android and iOS to enhance security for both regulated and non-regulated clients. What’s more, our unified portfolio offers software solutions designed to meet the needs of clients working in any regulated industry, including:

BlackBerry’s Security Leadership Shines Through

Because of our diverse solutions suite and our commitment to security, Gartner recently granted BlackBerry the top score in the Regulated Industries Use Case for its 2017 Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Mobility Management Report. A survey of enterprise customers, the Critical Capabilities Report details how advanced EMM users use their mobility solutions.

As you may recall, this is not the only time our leadership has been recognized. Besides being recognized a Leader in Gartner’s EMM Magic Quadrant, we also received the highest score in 6 out of 6 use cases in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for High Security Mobility Management Report last August.

Secure, Manage, Connect, and Comply Through BlackBerry

Balancing regulatory compliance with productivity doesn’t have to be difficult. You CAN ensure your business keeps sensitive data properly protected without impeding workers. You CAN give employees the level of access and freedom they demand without putting your data at risk.

That’s what BlackBerry enables. With the BlackBerry Enterprise Portfolio, compliance, collaboration, and productivity need not be at odds. We’ll give your employees the access they need, and ensure that we do so without putting any of your data, regulated or otherwise, at risk.

We excel at more than just regulated mobility. Be sure to also check out our blog on the importance of unmanaged device support, and what BlackBerry does to enable it.

Chris Hazelton

About Chris Hazelton

Chris Hazelton is Director, Product Marketing for Enterprise Software at BlackBerry. A former analyst at IDC and 451 Research, Chris has been working in management and security for enterprise endpoints for over 10 years.