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Insecurity Podcast: Anti-Malware Testing for Dummies

Third-party testing of anti-malware solutions has long been fraught with issues that often make the results of little use to those in the process of evaluating the right product for their particular business needs.

Ultimately, in-house testing in your own environment is the only reliable way to know if an anti-malware product is the right fit for your environment. If you don’t have experience testing anti-malware products, creating an in-house testing environment can be a daunting endeavor.

The recently published book Next-Generation Anti-Malware Testing for Dummies was designed to assist in understanding how to set up an in-house testing environment, safely obtain live malware samples, and perform tests that address real-world tactics attackers are using today.

In this episode of the InSecurity Podcast, host Shaun Walsh is joined by special guests Carl Gottlieb - Founder/Consulting Director at Cognition and Founder of - and Chad Skipper – VP of Product Testing and Industry Relations at Cylance – the authors of the book.

While the publication is intended for IT managers and security administrators tasked with server and endpoint security in your organization, it is crafted to be accessible to non-technical readers as well, so you’ll come away with more knowledge about malware and anti-malware solutions testing.

This resource is offered for no charge, and contains a wealth of information that will get your team up to speed in order to set up your own internal testing lab so you can better evaluate which anti-malware solution is the best for your organization.

About Carl Gottlieb
Carl Gottlieb is a Data Protection specialist and is commonly referred to as “The GDPR Guy” by some of his consultancy clients. Carl also founded and operates in addition to being a podcaster on

Cognition was formed by a group of cybersecurity experts who grew tired of seeing customers being held hostage by their current providers, stuck with poor service, amateur guidance and questionable value.

About Chad Skipper
Chad Skipper is the VP Industry Relations & Product Testing at Cylance, and has 20+ years’ experience in host and network security technologies, cloud and hosted security services, capabilities in security detection, security management, monitoring and intelligence mitigation solutions.

Chad also has extensive experience in security intelligence, engineering, management, monitoring, development and testing of security technologies, their placement and deployment strategies.

About Shaun Walsh
Shaun Walsh (@cingulus) leads Cylance’s global marketing strategy, channels, campaigns, digital marketing and communications efforts.

Prior to joining Cylance, Shaun served as VP of Corporate Marketing and GM of the Ethernet business unit at QLogic, and previously served as the SVP of Marketing and Corporate Development at Emulex.

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