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Securing the World Through Community

NEWS / 10.05.17 / Previous Contributor

As Cylance’s Sr. Community Manager, I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I believe in (you guessed it!) the transformative power of creating a cohesive community. I’ve spent my time at Cylance working with the support team and online community, and witnessed firsthand how we’re building a safer digital world with the All-Purpose Swiss Army Knife of community cooperation.

Five months ago, we launched our online community with a common goal to bring together experts in the community to share information and better protect against attacks. But even the experts couldn’t have predicted the incredible things our clients would achieve once we provided them the right platform. In the last five months, we’ve watched our community members come together to:

  • Engage in transparent hash sharing so other customers can benefit and safelist if needed
  • Generate rapid response and discussions on malware outbreaks
  • Provide customers with in-depth performance monitoring metrics and technique

Not only are our customers able to provide each other with guidance, feedback, and support, but this innovative platform has allowed the Cylance team to step out from behind the curtain and be on the frontlines of cybersecurity.

Our Threat Guidance Team is “in the trenches,” delivering exceptional global support and improving training for math models as necessary. Our clients also get to rub elbows with the product teams and engineers who are hard at work to secure your endpoints.

This is not just support helping customers; we’re people helping each other. This has led to some of the top discussions about:

Cylance is dedicated to improving the antivirus and security industry for everyone. And we mean everyone. As demonstrated by our incredible customers and the online support community, we believe we’re all in this together. That’s why we’re taking our commitment to community one step further by integrating with VirusTotal.

Cylance’s Vice President of Industry Relations and Product Testing, Chad Skipper, explains, “Cylance believes in building bridges with the security community, and by contributing technology to VirusTotal for the greater good, we hope to empower security professionals to fight against all cyber threats.”

Why don’t we see what we can achieve together?

Here at Cylance, we consider ourselves to be part of a larger community working together to prevent attacks on our systems and data. As a company, we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional experience for our customers, partners, and coworkers. Each and every member of the Cylance team (yes, that means you!) is encouraged to access the support community, participate in discussions, and collaborate with customers. Trust me, you’ll want to be involved as you experience the benefit of joining this community and working together to secure our environments.

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