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WEBCASTS / 10.18.17 / The Cylance Team

The Finance Director sounded frustrated and exhausted. Our IT auditors had been trying to tell her about an obscure yet important data backup problem that affected SOX compliance. But her background was in accounting, not technology, and the technical information made her eyes glaze over.

And that’s where the power of storytelling comes in. As a CISO or other security leader, you need buy-in from the other executives at your organization in order to spin up new cybersecurity initiatives.

But, frankly, cybersecurity is a field filled with jargon and far too much technical information for most people to understand, especially when each leader is hyper-focused on their own business initiatives to keep the organization afloat, profitable, and competitive.

Your job is to keep your other business leaders engaged in learning what challenges you’re up against, while presenting them with viable solutions to help manage the cybersecurity risks your organization faces.

On October 26 at 11:00 am PDT / 2:00 pm EDT, join Cylance’s Chief Security and Trust Officer, Malcolm Harkins, Carnegie Mellon’s Associate Dean, Andy Wasser, and George Fox University’s Professor of Business and former Evanta Chief Learning Officer, Tim Rahschulte, as they discuss what it takes to make a good CISO in the 21st century.

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During this webcast, you’ll learn how to combine traditional risk management and security skills with business acumen in order to protect your organization while enabling the business. 

In this ninth webinar of the Protect to Enable® series, you’ll learn how to lead by:

  • Collaborating with people at all levels of the business to balance technologies against security concerns.
  • Taking responsibility for driving decisions on security and privacy issues that impact the business.
  • Empowering their team to both protect and enable the organization.
The Cylance Team

About The Cylance Team

Our mission: to protect every computer, user, and thing under the sun.

Cylance’s mission is to protect every computer, user, and thing under the sun. That's why we offer a variety of great tools and resources to help you make better-informed security decisions.