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Learning About Cybersecurity Practices Across the Globe

While the frequency of online attacks increases, cybersecurity practices vary widely across nations and organizations.

A successful cybersecurity strategy requires research and development. It involves the implementation of legal, technical and organizational components. The right strategy also requires the flexibility to adopt new measures as technology advances.

When it comes to cybersecurity, the world’s leading nations foster collaborations across various industries and sectors to improve the safety of the Internet. These nations successfully implement tools such as Blackberry AtHoc government solutions to strengthen their crisis management abilities.

Companies can learn cybersecurity practices from nations across the globe to improve threat preparedness.

Leading International Cybersecurity Practices

●        Enhanced Research – The United Kingdom set up formal research centers that fund leading cybersecurity research and development. Government sponsorship leads to stronger programs, such as Academic Centres of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACE-CSR) in high profile schools across the country. These programs strengthen the tie between government, academia and the private sector to improve the nation’s cybersecurity efforts. The rigorous standards of the ACE-CSR programs send a message that cybersecurity is a high priority to be taken seriously across all sectors of life in the UK.

●        Precise Metrics – South Korea established the National Information Security Index to monitor the shifting metrics in the world of cybersecurity. It’s difficult to determine the best cybersecurity practices when it’s unclear what is considered secure and what is not. Having objective and quantifiable measurements can give all individual stakeholders a more precise idea of their level of online vulnerability.

●        Education – In India, individual citizens can receive education, awareness, and training regarding cybersecurity. The Indian government runs cybersecurity classes covering subjects such as network monitoring, cyber forensics, cryptography, security assurance and capacity development. A more educated public means a higher level of recognition and better preparedness for an attack.

●        Better Planning – Germany developed a nationally-recognized Cyber Security Strategy in case of an attack. The strategy covers the interests of various sectors, and establishes an Internet Complaints Office, to protect private citizens. Their strategy document allows Germans to recognize cybersecurity threats early, in order to address them before they become too serious.

●        Increased Collaboration – Norway is regarded as an advanced leader in cybersecurity, and fosters an environment for both internal and global collaboration. The Norwegian Computer Emergency Response Team (NSM-NorCERT) routinely shares assets, practices and national-level tips with partners around the globe. SERTIT, the public certification authority for IT security in Norway, implements a cybersecurity framework for all public sector agencies.

●        Public Policy – The Canadian National Security Policy requires federal departments and agencies to meet specified IT security strategies and practices. A variety of agencies collaborate on the policy, including the Defence and Research Development Canada, the Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

●        Public Awareness – Israel consistently ranks high in cybersecurity awareness across many polls. They are known for strong antivirus protection and firewalls, as well as well-informed cybersecurity guidelines. A task force assesses threats to infrastructure. Israel receives more than 1,000 attacks per minute, but they have implemented the resources to defend themselves.

Understanding how nations across the globe combat this increasing threat can help your organization more properly develop lasting cybersecurity practices. While preventing attacks has become increasingly difficult, your organization can develop a strategy for dealing with this growing global threat. The proper use of technologies such as Blackberry AtHoc Suite enables a decisive and commanding response to any cyber threat.

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