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EMA Report: Cylance® Ranks #1 in Market Share by Revenue

NEWS / 11.29.17 / The Cylance Team

Cylance was named the market leader in the Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) 2017 Next-Generation Endpoint Security Vendor Landscape and Five-Year Market Forecast. The EMA report focuses only on solutions with the ability to scale and meet enterprise-class deployment requirements. EMA invited all enterprise-class vendors to participate and none of the vendors were paid by EMA or paid a fee.

According to the report:

“Since the start of the NGES market report two years ago, Cylance continues to be a huge performer from sales and market share perspectives and regarding solution performance. It continues to grow at a nearly breakneck pace due to well-placed, strategic technology partnerships and several very large strategic sales wins that have opened doors to other opportunities. Cylance is and will continue to be a major disruptor in the NGES market.”

EMA’s goal for this report is to offer organizations the information needed to evaluate and select the best next-generation endpoint security for their environment.

Here are the top five takeaways from the report:

  1. A signature-based solution “leaves [firms] vulnerable to early attacks prior to signature creation”.
  2. “… this can easily equate to millions of dollars in losses.”
  3. “…signature writers can’t keep up with the variants…that cause excessive false positives.”
  4. Next-generation solutions should “identify zero-day or emerging attacks against endpoint vulnerabilities, including custom malware”.
  5. Cylance “has valuable technologies for defending against both file-based and fileless (memory-based) attacks”.

Get the report here.

The Cylance Team

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