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The (Super)Power of the Community

NEWS / 11.30.17 / Previous Contributor

As any fan of the Marvel universe knows, The Avengers weren’t always a dream team. Before they joined forces, they were just powerful individuals. Whether we’re talking about Tony Stark perfecting his Iron Man suit, Captain America battling the Axis of Evil, or Bruce Banner’s fateful exposure to the gamma radiation that made him Hulk Smash! powerful, there’s no doubt each of these characters is a superhero in his own right. But when they came together, they weren’t just powerful; they were unstoppable.

There are and always have been plenty of superheroes fighting the good fight in the name of cybersecurity, but in an increasingly connected and digital world, they’re facing greater challenges than ever before. That’s why Malcolm Harkins, Cylance’s Chief Security and Trust Officer, is calling on the power of community to step up and save the day.

When organizations work together, we’re better able to:

Share Insights Into New Threats

It’s no secret that attackers are often intelligent and well-resourced, but perhaps their greatest advantage is the element of surprise. When cybersecurity communities work together, we’re better able to “sound the alarm” on new software, techniques, and attack methods, so nobody else is caught unawares. 

Share Knowledge and Accelerate Development

With information sharing, cybersecurity teams around the world are able to tap into the collective knowledge of today’s top protection specialists. Rather than recreating the wheel, the next generation of visionaries are able to focus on what the future holds. There’s no limit to what can be accomplished when we’re able to build on one another’s ideas.

Community Cohesion

At Cylance we’re interested in building community, not only between cybersecurity organizations, but between professionals and our customer community.

To support this, we’ve developed an online platform for discussion and collaboration. Not only are our customers able to provide guidance, feedback, and support to each other, but this innovative design has allowed the Cylance team to step out from behind the curtain and be on the frontlines of cybersecurity.

Times are changing, and it’s in our best interest to change along with them. Through information sharing, collaboration, and teamwork we can more efficiently battle the ever-evolving cybercriminal, Avengers’ style.

Visit our Cylance community resource and support center here

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