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Trust and the Economics of Insecurity

NEWS / 11.02.17 / The Cylance Team

Trust is the cornerstone of the digital economy. Malcolm Harkins, Chief Security & Trust Officer at Cylance, will present on this topic at Evanta Los Angeles CFO Executive Summit on November 7. In his talk, Malcolm will cover what is needed to generate trust and where we, as a community, are at broadly in providing that trust.

Other topics Malcolm will discuss:

  • Today’s reality with data from the World Economic Forum and the Edelman trust report, as well as other data sources
  • The economic principle of efficiency and how our current approach to information security is not only economically inefficient but is not adding to the trust we so badly need
  • The traditional mindset of trading of risk vs shareholder value
  • The mindset of controls and their impact on business velocity

He will provide insights from real world, non-security stories and bring perspectives from others in the world to draw lessons that will be valuable to CFOs, CIOs, GCs, CISOs and their teams.

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The Cylance Team

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