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Aegon Sony Life Insurance Chooses BlackBerry UEM to Ensure Its Data Is BlackBerry Secure

In Japan, companies are increasingly focused on enhancing both workplace mobility and promoting a better work/life balance for their employees. This comes with several headaches, including security, infrastructure complexity, ease of use, and deployment. Businesses must provide staff with the seamless ability to work remotely, but they must also consider the needs and resources of their IT department.

This was the challenge facing Aegon Life Insurance Company (ASLIC), a joint venture between Sony and Aegon International. Founded in 2009, the company aims to become the leading provider of life insurance in Japan. To achieve this, it needs to offer the highest levels of privacy and security for its clients.

In 2014, ASLIC rolled out a desktop virtualization project to ensure the secure wrapping of mobile apps, emails, and calendars. The project was largely a success, and provided exactly the functionality the organization sought. However, as its mobile strategy evolved, the solution ASLIC had chosen began to show its age.

ASLIC needed a better way for remote staff to work securely and seamlessly. It needed a solution that would eliminate the operational bottleneck of manual updates it’s legacy system required. It needed a solution that would support a wide range of devices and operating systems, one easy to use for both end users and IT.

With these requirements in mind, ASLIC ultimately deployed BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM).

“We handle a lot of sensitive information, so customer confidentiality is our number one priority,” says Masaharu Baba, Senior Manager, Systems Business Department, ASLIC. “We knew we had to find a better way to service our clients and drive operational efficiency. After assessing several different solutions, we chose BlackBerry – it met our strict security requirements for mobile work, and reduced the operational burden on our IT department.”

Thanks to BlackBerry UEM, ASLIC’s staff and clients can now securely share confidential information no matter where they are. ASLIC has also reduced the number of servers it needs, cutting down on hardware costs. Finally, it’s made mobility easier to use for workers across the organization, ensuring a smoother update process, better security, and greater overall efficiency.

“As well as providing extremely high information confidentiality, BlackBerry UEM also allows users to download apps directly from the App Store, offering a native experience which solved our operational burden issue,” Baba adds. “Now we can get on with the business of serving our customers, with the knowledge that ASLIC and our clients are secured by BlackBerry.”

As a leader in software and cybersecurity, Blackberry is focused on helping our customers in Japan – and around the world – be more efficient, secure, and productive. We are proud to see ASLIC lead by example in protecting their mobile workforce and data

Like all our clients, ASLIC understands that there’s a difference between secure and BlackBerry Secure – and that with the proliferation of devices in the Enterprise of Things it’s a distinction that matters now more than ever.

You can read the full case study here

Norio Gokita

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Norio Gokita is BlackBerry's Director of Enterprise Sales in Japan.