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An Offer You Can’t Reuse: How BlackBerry Workspaces Can Help Your Sales Team Build Trust

Your sales department creates a lot of content and regularly shares it externally. At any given time, multiple sales documents are in the hands of prospects, customers, and partners. Every time one of those files is shared, there’s the chance that it might end up in the wrong hands.

That can cost you dearly. Trust is one of the most valuable commodities in sales, and the reputational damage from a leak or breach causes you to lose that trust. And that in turn can lead to lost sales and clients, lower revenues, and even regulatory penalties.

Avoiding that scenario with a traditional approach to cybersecurity is an exercise in futility, as well. A salesperson sharing a product blueprint with a prospect isn’t going to stop to wonder if that prospect’s network is properly monitored. They’re interested in doing their job, not grappling with security requirements.

Selling the Case for File Security

Centuries ago, people would protect their assets by walling them off. If a wall wasn’t good enough, they would shore it up with more materials or extra security measures. For a time, this approach worked well for enterprise data.

We’d have corporate perimeters with a lot of security solutions in place to keep the good stuff safe and the bad guys out. These perimeters are still important, but they’re no longer sufficient on their own. The way that people work today is changing.

Companies no longer send quotes and offers to clients on sheets of paper. Salespeople no longer must carry binders filled with product details while speaking with customers. Employees working on the road no longer need to haul around a laptop or a ton of documents – a smartphone or tablet is enough.

In such a climate, it doesn’t matter how much you strengthen security within your own perimeter if you lose control of a file the moment it’s outside. You cannot guarantee that every partner, prospect, or vendor you work with will hold themselves to your standards. And given the extent to which files are shared in sales, yours will eventually find their way into the hands of someone with lax security.

Secure Your Sales with BlackBerry Workspaces

Enter BlackBerry Workspaces. Trusted by leading organizations to deliver a smooth, easy collaboration experience, Workspaces’ file-level security allows you to protect your documents even after they’ve been shared. Picture this:

  • Set an automatic expiry date when you share a quote with a prospect. When the quote expires, your prospect will no longer have access to any files they’ve been given
  • Collaborate safely with anyone. No matter what device you’re on, Workspaces allows you to seamlessly share files – but it also lets you track exactly how those files are being used and accessed.
  • Protect intellectual property for large deals. Your firm is responding to a large complex public tender. Workspaces allows you to create a secure team folder for exchanging and editing documents. Sales leads can share the response document with the tenderer and no one else.
  • Control every file – no matter where it is. With Workspaces’ granular file controls, your IT department can dictate whether a user can access, view, copy, print, edit, download, or forward a file. These permissions can be changed at any time with just a few clicks.

Efficient collaboration is critical for success in sales, but it cannot come at the expense of security. Thanks to BlackBerry Workspaces, it doesn’t need to. Your sales team can readily access, share, and collaborate on even the most confidential files with ease, all while remaining BlackBerry Secure.

Interested in learning more about what BlackBerry Workspaces can offer? 
Visit the official BlackBerry Workspaces page or take a look at the Workspaces Email Protector product page. You can also read Gartner’s 2017 Critical Capabilities for Content Collaboration Report, where we received the highest score in two of 5 categories.


Jasper Evertzen

About Jasper Evertzen

Jasper Evertzen currently serves as Head of EMEA Sales BlackBerry Workspaces.