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Get It Now: Next-Gen Anti-Malware Testing for Dummies

/ 02.20.18 / The Cylance Team

For many, the subject of anti-malware testing methodologies isn’t all that exciting — until now, with the release of the book Next-Generation Anti-Malware Testing for Dummies.

In this book, we explain how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can help your enterprise neutralize malware threats in a preventative, proactive, and radically better way than is possible with legacy anti-malware products.

While the publication is intended for IT managers and security administrators tasked with server and endpoint security in your organization, it is crafted to be accessible to non-technical readers as well.

You’ll come away with more knowledge about malware and anti-malware solutions testing.

This resource is offered at no charge, and contains a wealth of information that will get your team up to speed in order to set up your own internal testing lab so you can better evaluate which anti-malware solution Is the best for your organization.

Next-Generation Anti-Malware Testing for Dummies consists of six concise chapters that explore:

·        Why legacy anti-malware techniques are limited, and how artificial intelligence and machine learning combat modern malware more effectively
·        Why you should test for yourself
·        How to set up your own anti-malware testing environment
·        How to safely obtain malware samples and test anti-malware products yourself
·        How to take action on your anti-malware testing results
·        What to consider when choosing an anti-malware solution for your organization

Download Next-Generation Anti-Malware Testing for Dummies, and feel free to reach out to our team of experts for more information on why testing for yourself is the key to furthering your endpoint security efforts.

The Cylance Team

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