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Cylance Hosts 2nd Annual Women in Tech Panel

NEWS / 03.20.18 / Kelsey Tiftick

March is commemorated as Women's History Month - something that we are proud to not only recognize, but celebrate at Cylance. On the day following International Women's Day, March 9, 2018, Cylance hosted its 2nd Annual Women in Tech panel event, with the theme Ordinary to Extraordinary - Be Fearless, Influence, and Inspire.

Our global team came together, ready to inspire and be inspired by our very own Cylance leaders, who shared their experiences, obstacles, and insights on pertinent topics such as gender equality in the workplace. Paula Spears, Senior Director of Global Talent and Development, moderated the event and introduced the panel members: Jessica Vose, Director of Content; Nadine Macklin, Global Alliances Director; Laura Reis, Director of Stock Administration, and Cathy Grim, Director of Product Support. Also invited to share their perspectives on gender equality from a male perspective were Eric Milam, Senior Director of Engineering; and Pedro Vidal, RVP of Sales.

Many illuminating questions were asked of the panel members that provoked friendly banter and discussion over a wide variety of diverse themes, including female empowerment, women’s inclusion in the world of STEM industries, and women’s advocacy. Our female panelists shared personal stories about how they were able to overcome obstacles by having an advocate in their lives who encouraged them along the way and believed in them, particularly at times (as we all may have experienced) when they had difficulty believing in themselves. The male panelists shared the multitude of ways they have paved the way for gender inclusiveness and equality on their own teams and how they strive to empower the women in their lives, especially their daughters. 

As an additional surprise, Cylance President and COO, Daniel Doimo, joined the conversation, showing his support for pay equality and expressing that he would like to see more females in leadership roles. He also gave insight on changes that he has observed taking place in technology and around the world. 

Throughout the discussion, different perspectives were shared. Panel members and audience members alike discussed potential blind spots and opened up the dialogue for future change in the world of technology. "Group hug," said Renee Beckloff, VP Customer Success, to end the panel, followed by an eruption of applause from the inspired audience. A perfect ending to Cylance's 2nd Annual Women in Technology Panel event.

Editor’s Note: A special thanks to Kelsey Tiftick, HR Generalist, and Kaileen Meltzer, Internal Event Manager, for coordinating and executing this special Cylance event. 

Kelsey Tiftick

About Kelsey Tiftick

HR Generalist at Cylance

As a HR Generalist at Cylance, Kelsey Tiftick demonstrates her passion for continuing and maintaining Cylance’s culture and playing her role in helping Cylance develop as an organization. Wearing many hats within her department, Kelsey is most known for her work in employee engagement, the Summer Internship Program, recruiting, and learning and development.