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Unisys Leverages Cylance’s Advanced Endpoint Protection Solution

NEWS / 03.28.18 / The Cylance Team

Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) has announced global availability of a new Advanced Endpoint Protection solution to help organizations protect themselves against advanced cyber threats using artificial intelligence (AI) threat prevention tools.

The new Unisys Advanced Endpoint Protection Solution incorporates Unisys consulting and managed security services as well as Cylance advanced threat prevention technology to leverage AI and machine learning to prevent malware attacks on endpoints.

“Pairing the proactive protection of Cylance with the expertise of Unisys consulting and managed services, provides clients the combined benefits of human and artificial intelligence,” said Didi Dayton, Vice President of Worldwide Channels and Alliances.

“Cylance has a unique ability to predict and prevent malicious and suspicious activities on the endpoint, including fileless attacks, malware, advanced persistent threats and zero-day attacks with split-second decision making.”

Prior to implementation, Unisys consultants conduct an initial assessment to understand if there are any undetected endpoint security issues in an organization’s network and create a deployment plan based on those findings. Following deployment, the Unisys managed services team begins 24x7 monitoring of the environment, identifying potential issues as they occur, leading to investigation alongside the client.

By incorporating Cylance advanced threat prevention technology into its security solution portfolio, Unisys enables clients to leverage AI and machine learning to prevent malware attacks on endpoints. Cylance technology proactively prevents, rather than reactively detects, the existence of advanced persistent threats and malware on enterprise endpoints.

“The new solution is designed to help organizations operationalize their endpoint security by migrating from their legacy antivirus protection posture to one that addresses the increasing modern cyber threats they now face. When we operationalize security, we help our clients focus on maximizing the value from their technology investments,” said Jonathan Goldberger, Vice President, Unisys Security Solutions.

“In teaming with Cylance, we help clients leverage AI and machine learning on their endpoint, as well as automation of management activities. Clients experience more effective security operations by optimizing the use of leading technologies and minimizing human error.”

Unisys security solutions combine experienced consulting, advanced products and managed services for the entire security lifecycle from prediction and prevention to detection and remediation of risks and advanced threats. They include Unisys Stealth® microsegmentation software that gives organizations the ability to dynamically conceal critical assets, creating virtual secure perimeters regardless of where those assets reside. Working with Unisys, organizations can secure all points of exposure even beyond the perimeter and recognize and respond to attacks the second they happen.

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