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The BlackBerry Secure World Tour Coming to a City Near (Many of) You

The BlackBerry Secure World Tour (#BBSWT) is a full day of learning and networking with industry peers, cybersecurity experts, and independent observers.

Attendees can expect to leave with a fresh view on the state of the art and the practical in secure enterprise mobility, digital transformation, and EoT.

To learn more about the BlackBerry Secure World Tour and reserve your spot, visit the BlackBerry Secure World Tour registration page and follow #BBSWT.

Date:                                     City:

May 3                                   San Francisco

May 8                                   Ottawa

May 10                                 Toronto

May 10                                 Manchester, U.K.

May 15                                 Frankfurt

May 15                                 Washington D.C.

May 17                                 Chicago

May 17                                 Paris

June 7                                 Sydney

June 12                               Amsterdam


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