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BlackBerry and MedRegis Partner to Help Digitally Transform Caribbean Healthcare with Secure Communications Technology

Healthcare technology in the Caribbean is still in its nascent stages. There, 90% of doctors still rely on pen and paper for regular patient and colleague communication. Anyone who’s been handed an unreadable prescription can already see the problem.

But sloppy handwriting and disorganized notes are more than an annoyance. Nearly 7000 people are killed annually as a direct result of unintelligible prescriptions. In the last 5 years, poor communication was a factor in 30 percent of U.S. malpractice cases.

These statistics are as shocking as they are preventable, and healthcare practitioners elsewhere in the world are already implementing technology to improve communications. The Caribbean, however, lags – something we intend to change.  That’s why we’re pleased to announce a new partnership with MedRegis, with the goal of revolutionizing healthcare in the Caribbean.

Based in Barbados, MedRegis offers e-health applications that enable better delivery of care. Centered around the Electronic Health Record (EHR), MedRegis’s platform offers functionality tailored to each major healthcare professional and automates processes such as appointment booking, prescriptions, and billing. It aims to make the patient care process as efficient, effective, and error-free as possible, from check-in to check-out.

Using the BBM Enterprise SDK, MedRegis will further enhance its platform with secure voice, video, and messaging functionality. Doctors, nurses, and front desk staff will be able to seamlessly connect with one another without compromising confidentiality or privacy. This in turn will allow them to devote more time to patients as well as spend less time on back-office and clerical work, decreasing the overall administrative burden.

The BBM Enterprise SDK enables developers and companies to embed secure enterprise-grade IP messaging, communications, and collaboration functionality into their applications and services. It allows developers access to the best features of BBM enterprise in a simple, reliable, scalable, and cost-effective manner. Built on our global NOC network, it also protects data both at-rest and in-transit, encrypting all communications to keep them as secure as possible.

“Our goal is to eradicate the widespread use of paper within ambulatory care in the Caribbean,” says Dale Trotman, MedRegis CEO. “By integrating BlackBerry’s BBM Enterprise with our platform, we are empowering healthcare providers to do just that through a secure and proven video, voice and messaging technology. With BlackBerry’s help, MedRegis will streamline workflow and usability in a way paper cannot.”

Bad handwriting and disorganized paperwork are all-too-familiar elements of the healthcare industry.   But they needn’t be.  Working together with MedRegis, BlackBerry will allow the Caribbean health industry to move away from both, and towards a future that’s BlackBerry Secure.

To learn more about the MedRegis platform or to request a demo, visit  You can also learn more about the BBM Enterprise SDK at

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