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Fujitsu Leverages Cylance in New Threat 360 Assessment Service

NEWS / 06.29.18 / The Cylance Team

Fujitsu today announces the launch of Threat 360, a new Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) assessment service leveraging Cylance technology to help organizations identify and address security vulnerabilities that could be exploited with malicious intent.

“Taking a proactive approach to identify potential security vulnerabilities and close any loopholes is an essential measure for any organization that is focusing on improving its overall cyber security posture,” said John Swanson, Head of Security Offerings at Fujitsu in EMEIA.

“However, this is a complex undertaking requiring specialized know-how and tools. By teaming up with Cylance, Fujitsu is able to offer its customers this peace of mind as a service – a full 360-degree view of the potential attack vectors, highlighting the ones presenting real threats.”

The new Threat 360 service from Fujitsu enables companies to tighten their digital defenses against a growing number of sophisticated and targeted cyberattacks, which bring the threats of lost revenue, damaged reputation and regulatory fines. Threat 360 helps protect against malware and ransomware and mitigates data leakage and loss.

Threat 360 is an advanced CTI assessment service that probes an organization’s security posture from both ‘inside out’ and ‘outside in’ perspectives to highlight weaknesses in holistic security policies. It includes a Passive Threat Assessment, which looks for threats based on information available on both the clear and dark web, and tracks down potentially damaging information that may be publicly available on the web – such as ‘internal only’ copies of documents and other unstructured data.

In addition, Fujitsu Threat 360 provides a Malware Assessment. Based on Cylance technology, this service conducts a thorough analysis of dormant or running threats within an organizations’ IT environment. Threat 360 is delivered across the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region by Fujitsu’s world-leading Cyber Threat Intelligence team operating from an Advanced Threat Center in Warrington, UK.

Fujitsu Threat 360 assessments are conducted in three steps:

  • An examination via non-intrusive methods to assess vulnerabilities and possible attack areas
  • An analysis based on the clear and dark web, using commercial and open source intelligence tools
  • A report detailing risk, summarized and delivered alongside evidence and solutions

“As the cyber threat landscape becomes ever more complex, organizations of all sizes will welcome the peace of mind provided by the Fujitsu Threat 360 service,” said Stuart Quinsey, Senior Director of EMEA Channels at Cylance.

“Based on our deep experience in conducting malware assessments for customers, we know that even routine checks can highlight some real issues of concern for businesses. Thanks to partnering with Fujitsu, a proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence service is becoming a must-have for any organization that wants to test and improve its digital defenses.”

Fujitsu Threat 360 services are available immediately in the EMEA region, directly from Fujitsu. Further information is online at

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