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Endpoint Security Isn’t Dead – It’s Just Getting Smarter

NEWS / 08.16.18 / The Cylance Team

With one report after another suggesting that cybercriminals have overrun corporate defenses, it’s easy to believe marketing hype suggesting that endpoint security is dead – and that cybersecurity is all about how quickly you can respond to the inevitable breach.

Yet a new Cylance survey of iTnews readers shows that Australian IT decision-makers still believe in the power of prevention: 56 percent of those surveyed disagreed with the suggestion that endpoint prevention was dead, while just 22 percent agreed.

That’s an optimistic assessment given that fully 38 percent of respondents said their organization gets a malware infection once or twice per year. Another 7 percent reported 2 to 9 infections per year, while 6 percent of companies are infected 10 or more times per year.

Such regular infections suggest that new methods of attack have left many conventional signature-based malware tools ineffective and struggling to keep up. That’s been a challenge for many. Other key findings in the survey include:

  • Beyond detection/prevention: 47% of respondents said that in addition to detection and prevention, they are prioritizing their endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities
  • One-stop shopping: 55% of respondents expressed interest in their security provider adding EDR capabilities to their attack-prevention technologies
  • Auto pilot: The most effective solutions incorporate automated responses to detected security issues
  • Power of 10: 6% of respondents said that their company was breached 10 or more times each year

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The Cylance Team

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