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Cylance Debuts the Cybersecurity Leadership Academy

NEWS / 10.03.18 / The Cylance Team

Cylance is pleased to kick off cybersecurity awareness month with the announcement of the Enterprise Cybersecurity Leadership program, a 12-week online readiness program that enables security professionals to build foundational leadership skills to guide their organizations through today’s rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Cylance awarded 20 full scholarships worth $1,995 each at its inaugural user conference, PreventCon.2018, held in September in Huntington Beach, and the company will award additional full scholarships later this month.

As the lead sponsor of the Cybersecurity Leadership Academy, Cylance will also provide $500 scholarships to PreventCon attendees who entered the drawing in addition to all of its customers and partners, reducing tuition to just $1495 for the entire 12-week course.

“Great solutions require great leaders to implement and support them,” said Cylance Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Stuart McClure.

“The Cybersecurity Leadership program offers another channel to serve our customers better by offering the tools and training necessary to grow the next generation of prevention-first CISOs.”

Participants will attend an interactive online learning program led by Fortune 500 CISOs and their peers. Instructors deliver proven frameworks and insight to the leadership skills required to secure networks across an enterprise that protect data assets and preserve brand reputation.

Instructors also coach information, cyber, risk, privacy and other professionals what it means to think and act as a cybersecurity leader using live events, video courses, and online breakout groups.

“More than ever before, we need highly skilled professionals who are as adept at leading their organizations down innovative and ethical paths as they are at using cybersecurity solutions and processes to keep their organizations safe,” said Cylance Chief Security and Trust Officer Malcolm Harkins.

“Leaders can distinguish motion from progress. The security industry has been stuck in motion for decades without much forward progress. This program focuses on leadership skills so we can develop the future leaders who know the difference and can hold the industry—and themselves—accountable to real progress while tackling the cyber risk issues we face as a society.”

Cylance developed its robust curriculum in collaboration with the Professional Development Academy, whose partners include Fortune 500 executives, public sector leaders, world-renowned academics, and thought leaders, including General Colin Powell and Dr. Marshall Goldsmith. The Cybersecurity Leadership program focuses on five essential skills:

  • LEAD: Engage teams and stakeholders to foster positive climates and exceed common expectations
  • ORGANIZE: Plan, lead and execute organizational change more effectively and consistently
  • COLLABORATE: Establish alignment and strong partnerships through building stronger relationships
  • COMMUNICATE: Create clarity, confidence, and community
  • DELIVER: Measure projects and processes to deliver results aligned with county and community priorities

The program’s world-class faculty includes prominent business and government CIOs and CISOs, and all coursework is guided by an expert moderator. The program is built to accommodate busy work schedules without interfering with daily operational responsibilities. Current employees of Cylance partners and customers can register here.

The Cylance Team

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Cylance’s mission is to protect every computer, user, and thing under the sun. That's why we offer a variety of great tools and resources to help you make better-informed security decisions.