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How Can We Improve as an Industry?

VIDEOS / 11.25.18 / Cylance Videos

How can we, as an industry, shift the focus from responding to attacks to preventing attacks?

30 years ago, antivirus seemed like a fantastic new technology. But somewhere along the line, as attackers proliferated and automated malware farms started churning out new viruses faster than security companies could make signatures for them, the industry seemed to quietly give up on the dream of protection for all.

Now is the time to return to that ideal, as technology is finally advanced enough to allow us to do so. The problem we face now is that we have to change decades of training that has taught us that prevention is not possible.

In this video, Cylance Chairman and CEO Stuart McClure, Chief Security and Trust Officer Malcolm Harkins, Rich Thompson, VP of Sales Engineering, and Worldwide VP of Sales Engineering Gabe Deale offer us their thoughts on how we can restore the industry to that golden vision of ‘protection for everything and everyone under the sun.’

Prevention is possible. The technologies that will allow us to achieve prevention today were not available 10 years ago.

Let’s make the most of them today – learn more here.


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