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Valcar-Cylance Launch 2019 Women’s UCI Professional Cycling Season

NEWS / 01.08.19 / Cylance Sports

Valcar-Cylance Launch 2019 Women’s UCI Professional Cycling Season

Cylance is pleased to announce it will continue its support of women’s cycling by becoming co-title sponsor of Italian cycling team Valcar-PBM. The new team will be called Valcar-Cylance Cycling Team.

Cylance has been involved in professional cycling since the launch of the Cylance Pro Cycling Team in 2016.

“Cylance is as passionate about promoting women’s cycling as it is about protecting every computer, user, and thing under the sun,” said Stuart McClure, Cylance founder and Chief Executive Officer. “We also have avid amateur cyclists at all levels of the organization—including me—who look forward to another winning year with team Valcar.”

Valcar-Cylance Cycling brings the spirit of a startup to women's cycling, with talent, freshness, and the desire to improve women's cycling. This spirit is in the team's DNA and championed by team founder and owner Valentino Villa.

"I’m really proud to know that Cylance appreciates the talent and potential of our athletes. This gives us incentive to work even harder to improve,” said Villa. “Cylance is a company that has demonstrated foresight: For years it has invested in the growth of women's cycling and realized its economic opportunities. Our athletes are ready to commit to maximum performance not only on the bike, but also in enhancing the Cylance brand. We are proud to introduce the Cylance logo on our new jerseys."

Valcar’s athletes had a notable 2018 season, climbing the UCI rankings and reaching ninth place in the world rankings during their first year of the World Tour. Heading into the 2019 season, Valcar-Cylance cycling is poised for continued growth and better performance at the global level. 

The full 2019 Valcar-Cylance Cycling roster includes: Alice Maria Arzuffi, Elisa Balsamo, Marta Cavalli, Maria Giulia Confalonieri, Chiara Consonni, Vittoria Guazzini, Barbara Malcotti, Dalia Muccioli, Asja Paladin, Silvia Persico, Silvia Pollicini, Ilaria Sanguineti, Miriam Vece, Alessia Vigilia. Davide Arzeni fills the post as Head Sports Director, and new entry Matteo Ferrari serves as Assistant Sports Director.

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