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Webinar: Cylance Predictions for 2019

NEWS / 01.09.19 / The Cylance Team

Webinar: Cylance Predictions for 2019

Start your year with a collection of informed and seasoned perspectives on what your organization may face in the year ahead.

In this webinar, subject matter experts will discuss novel facets of the future threat landscape, new and emerging business and technology investment priorities, and what organizations can do to better protect themselves in 2019.

Join Cylance Chief Evangelist Brian Robison as he hosts a panel of seasoned security leaders to discuss what your organization should expect in the year ahead.

January 16, 2019
11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST


During this webinar, you will learn about:

  • New and existing threat families and how they are expected to evolve
  • The geopolitical security landscape factors that could impact your business
  • The tactics, tools, and procedures that organizations will deploy as part of their 2019 security strategy
  • The shape of business and technology investment priorities related to security

Start 2019 with the best insider information in the industry about what lies ahead for your organization. Register now to claim your spot today!

The Cylance Team

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Our mission: to protect every computer, user, and thing under the sun.

Cylance’s mission is to protect every computer, user, and thing under the sun. That's why we offer a variety of great tools and resources to help you make better-informed security decisions.