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Securing Your Organization with Cylance and Lookout: A New Kind of Comprehensive Prevention

NEWS / 02.04.19 / The Cylance Team

Cylance® and Lookout® protect enterprise endpoints in today’s perimeter-less, cloud-delivered, and privacy-focused world.

The rapid rise of a device-first workforce and sophisticated attacks that take advantage of this perimeter-less world has accelerated demand for a new security architecture and partner ecosystem that connects all aspects of endpoint protection.

As noted in the 2018 Ponemon Institute Report, one global megatrend in cybersecurity over the next three years requires companies to improve collaboration and reduce the complexity of business and IT operations. One way to do this is to have both the Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security and Cylance’s integrated threat prevention solutions. By doing so, customers extend their endpoint security policy and threat intelligence solution across all endpoints — PC, desktop and mobile — to reduce risk and meet compliance requirements.

Cylance Protects Enterprises with a Data-Driven Approach

Cylance offers an integrated threat prevention solution called CylancePROTECT® that secures sensitive corporate data with the power of artificial intelligence (AI). To date, it has been deployed by more than 3,400 forward-thinking customers, securing 14.5 million Windows, Mac, and Linux servers, desktops, and laptops. Together with Cylance’s Endpoint Detect and Response (EDR) product, CylanceOPTICS™, their unique AI-driven approach provides customers with the visibility they need into their threat landscape.

By providing that visibility, Cylance reduces the amount of resources needed. With Cylance, IT departments no longer have to take whole networks offline when they perceive a threat. Instead, the AI quarantines files it identified as threats, allowing security professionals to review individual files without taking devices or entire networks offline. Cylance’s data-driven approach both protects corporations’ data and improves IT productivity.

Extend Your Endpoint Protection with Lookout

DBIR 2018: “As mobile devices often provide privileged access to the enterprise environment and hold two-factor authentication credentials, these classes of malware and device-based attacks can result in more damage than adware or click fraud.”

Similar to Cylance, the Lookout data-driven approach protects organizations from mobile threats and increases employee productivity. With visibility into over 170 million mobile devices worldwide, powered by intelligence from over 70 million iOS and Android apps, the Lookout Security Cloud provides visibility into the entire spectrum of mobile risk.

This visibility is increasingly becoming more important, as more employees use their smartphones to do work, access, and store sensitive data. This change necessitates a new security architecture, a concept we call “Post-Perimeter Security.” The Lookout platform gives enterprises a tangible way to bring Post-Perimeter Security to their workforce.

Get control with comprehensive endpoint protection

In today’s Post-Perimeter Security world, organizations need protection from threats targeting all endpoints. When customers have both Lookout and Cylance securing their enterprise, they gain:

  • Data-driven protection: When you combine the 170 million devices Lookout has visibility into with the 14.5 million and Linux servers, desktops, laptops Cylance protects, you gain unparalleled insight into the enterprise threat landscape.
  • Privacy-first security: Security solutions need to protect enterprise data while remaining in compliance with privacy laws, and respecting end-user privacy. Lookout and Cylance take this very seriously.
  • Real-time threat analysis: Lookout’s artificial intelligence detection proactively
    determines the reputation of sites on the Internet with an always-on approach - Lookout Phishing AI detects phishing kits as they are being built, before any user is targeted and an attack is executed, while Cylance’s advance AI creates profiles of basic aspects and file behaviors as their solution identifies threats and analyzes them before they appear in the wild – on average 25 months in advance (per SE Labs).  

Together, Cylance and Lookout protect customers from a full spectrum of threats. When enterprises add Lookout to their Cylance-secured environment, they enable their workforce to securely work from any device or any network. Lookout brings security and compliance to today’s digital workforce without compromising productivity, privacy, or user experience. 

The Cylance Team

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