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Brent Concialdi: On Protecting Every Endpoint Under the Sun

VIDEOS / 05.16.19 / Cylance Videos

What separates Healthcare and Education from other industries? We dig in to just how BlackBerry Cylance validates its claims as the best cybersecurity solution out there. 

About Brent Concialdi

Brent Concialdi is a Pre-Sales Engineer for Cylance, with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology, cyber security and services industries. Brent has prior experience in client-facing consulting roles with a major consulting firm as well as Security Operations Engineering with a major consulting firm.


Hi there. My name is Brent Concialdi. I’m a sales engineer for BlackBerry Cylance. I cover a lot of the Chicago, Illinois, the Midwest in general, and I help customers make an educated decision about security products and advise them to go in the right direction.

What separates the Healthcare and Education vehicles from other industries?

We tend to show up a lot more in these spaces nowadays. A lot of our competitors have had a tough time dealing with the universities and the hospitals because their clinicians, their doctors, the nurses, really need to get to patient records quickly. They need to be able to log in in an efficient manner. They need to be able to do things in a timely fashion. Some other security firms are having a tough time managing that.

The slow response time that they've been having on those endpoints, servers, and the other things that they're working on, embedded devices as well, they've had a tough time with that. The ability for us as BlackBerry Cylance to come in and come in with a low CPU/ memory utilization solution to allow them to get better at actually attending to their patients, and talking more about healthcare, and talking more about what they're doing in the industry - that's what our goal is.

How does BlackBerry Cylance validate its claims as the better cybersecurity solution?

We've taken a very proprietary approach to this. We've developed a lot of engineering scripts and a lot of tools internally for our teams to actually assess how the processes and the services on a more traditional security solution are taking up more CPU, more memory, and more disutilization than BlackBerry Cylance would be.

From a testing perspective, we're actually going out and sampling all of the services, whether it's ten, eleven, or twelve services that a traditional endpoint solution is leveraging and running some regression testing on those devices to say, “Hey, this is taking five minutes versus the 30 seconds, or less than a minute, that Cylance would be doing on the same process.” We're doing a lot of validation against that with some proprietary testing that we've actually come up with as engineers.

Why is Kirk Ferentz so beloved in Iowa?

Coach Kirk, he's a Hawkeye through and through. The man will never leave Iowa. He is one of the greatest coaches in the history of college football, and he will go up there as one of the most legacy coaches. He'll have the most amount of wins as a Hawkeye forever. By God, we love the guy.

Is preventative security possible?

Absolutely. Prevention is possible. After being with BlackBerry Cylance for so long, you come to realize that there are not really many other ways to go about it. Industry leaders used to say, “Threats are going to get through. It's all about detection.” After being at BlackBerry Cylance, we've come to learn that with machine learning and the policies that we have and the people that we have internally - that prevention is absolutely entirely possible.

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