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Customer Testimonial: Jack Callaghan on the Value BlackBerry Cylance Brings

VIDEOS / 05.16.19 / Cylance Videos

Jack Callaghan is the Senior Security Analyst at Pulte. In this customer testimonial video, Jack talks us through the process of testing and installing Cylance’s solutions, including the proof of concept (POC) process and the initial installation.

What unique value does Cylance bring to your environment? Watch this video and find out.


“We actually went through a POC that including initially about twenty different products, and then I pared them down to about six, then ran them through tests. Basically, we lined them all up and ran the tests: “This is a known piece of malware, everybody did pretty good. This is a modified piece of malware, maybe a zero day.”

The window started moving in the direction of machine intelligence. And then I grabbed some stuff that was fresh off a couple of malware sites where you can get samples from. I modified it slightly, stored it and brought it on board and it should have appeared invisible. And the minute I tried to unpack it out of the zip file, BAM! Cylance took it away. I couldn't even get it all the way out. Cylance grabbed it, threw it in quarantine and that was the end of it.

One of the great values about Cylance is that not only does it do that to something unsafe, abnormal or in quarantine, it sizes up and scores the thing for you, so you can look at it. It helps you look at things and understand where they came from, what they are and what they mean. It helps us also size our response. You just can't go after everything like it's a fire.

The previous software used 30-40% of the (endpoint’s) processor. The only time Cylance every really pegged the needle up to about five or size percent was during the initial install and the first full system scan. Well, suddenly we gave them back 30% of their processor, which means for us as an ROI. There are a lot of machines that are not being decommissioned earlier.

With Cylance, the efficiency comes as a function of it doing all the work and reporting the results so I can think about it instead of trying to figure out what happened.”

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