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Customer Testimonial: Jason Palm on What Really Sets BlackBerry Cylance Apart

VIDEOS / 05.28.19 / Cylance Videos

Jason Palm is a Senior Network Security Engineer at Cerdant. In this customer testimonial video, Jason chats about his initial discovery of BlackBerry Cylance’s products, which “seemed more like science fiction than fact,” and how his mind was soon changed after participating in the proof of concept (POC) testing process.  
In particular, he was impressed by BlackBerry Cylance’s ease of use, efficacy against fileless attacks, and the fact that he and his team get a lot of time back as his organization is now securely protected by the power of artificial intelligence. 



"We heard about BlackBerry Cylance first from some conferences, and of course at that time, it was kind of like, “this seems more science fiction than fact.” So we knew we had to get our hands on it, and once we did, we put it through its paces and realized it was legit and realized it was something that we had to get involved with.

During the proof of concept (POC), we had probably about six or seven team members involved, myself and then some decision makers. Once they saw what BlackBerry Cylance was capable of doing, how easy it was to implement, it was a no-brainer for us. I think the distinguishing trait for us was just the ease of implementation and then the low overhead. It was night and day as opposed to what we were using previously and what we'd used up until that point.

I'm really happy with the memory protection aspect of things, and I think it's very compelling to see how some of those features can be enabled pretty quickly and then protect against fileless base attacks, for example. 

A couple of the things that really set BlackBerry Cylance apart in my mind are the fact that you can be preventive. Doing zero-day threat simulations, for example, is very compelling. Right away we saw benefits from less overhead from a management standpoint. BlackBerry Cylance is very easy to administer, and it gives us the insight that we just didn't have with the previous product we were using.

Overall, (in terms of) ROI, we've just had a huge benefit from the fact that we get a lot of time back. Just an overall feeling of safety definitely is a huge benefit for us. The fact that machine learning and artificial intelligence is now proven to be the wave of the future and really the standard for the present is going to be critical for all facets of security going forward."

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