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Cyber Security Training Haikus: No Heads in the Sand

RESOURCES / 05.09.19 / Steve Mancini

As a Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, it often falls to me to come up with new and entertaining ways to engage our employees with the kind of in-depth security training mandatory at a large cybersecurity company. 

Prior to National Cyber Security Awareness month (NCSAM) last year, I made a joke on an internal coms channel about penning an original security haiku each day that month. That simple joke stuck with me and I thought... why not? 

So, each week I spent some time over coffee crafting security haikus and penning an email to be sent to the entire company each Monday morning. After the first week, something surprising happened - our employees started replying to my daily emailed haiku by sending me their own haikus in return. 

Here are a selection of some of our favorites. Part 2 of this series can be found here.

No heads in the sand

for security issues

We are all owners

- by Steve Mancini
Deputy CISO

Don't change your hostname

without IT approval

Yes, you. Change it back.

- by Jess Fortier
Sr. SOAR Engineer

Plze enable me

I'm just a tiny macro

Docs wiped. Kthnxbai.

- by Natasha Rhodes
Managing Editor

Find me on the floor

Pick me up and plug me in

i-drive you crazy

- by Anja Graefing
Sr. Executive Assistant

Free public WiFi

Is it really safe to use?

Ask Man in Middle

- by Savion Agard
Technical Recruiter

Embrace the Dark Side

Play evil then know evil

Threat model all work

- by Steve Mancini
Deputy CISO

Thank you for leaving

your computer unsecured

your data is mine

- by Anita Samuelson
Senior Compensation Manager 

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COPYRIGHT: All cybersecurity haikus © the BlackBerry Cylance employees named above. Kindy give them author attribution if sharing these haikus elsewhere.... because it's just a nice thing to do. 

Steve Mancini

About Steve Mancini

Deputy Chief Information Security Officer at Cylance

Steve Mancini currently serves as the Deputy Chief Information Security Officer at Cylance, where he and his team focus on risk management, security strategy, operational security, and incident response for the company. Steve worked for seventeen years at Intel, where he established programs around security community outreach, threat intelligence, APT response, and emerging threat analysis. Outside of work he co-chairs efforts to formalize a threat intelligence sharing policy framework (IEP), contributes to several working groups through the CEB CISO Coalition, and serves on the program committee for some of his favorite security conferences.