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Dave Alfaro: the Latest News on ThreatZERO

VIDEOS / 05.23.19 / Cylance Videos

What, exactly is BlackBerry Cylance’s ThreatZERO™? Dave Alfaro is here to give you the latest.

About Dave Alfaro

Dave Alfaro is the Worldwide Managing Director for BlackBerry Cylance ThreatZERO. He has 10+ years of experience in Security and Sales Engineering, and specializes in Global Firewall and VPN design, configuration, deployment, and management.


"Hey, I'm Dave Alfaro, coming to you from HIMSS 19. I’m the Managing Director for the ThreatZERO program and we're here talking with Matt (Stephenson) today about my favorite topic, which is ThreatZERO.

What is ThreatZero?

ThreatZERO is an objective-based consulting service. Really what we're looking at is becoming product-based services. So when you think about product-based services and that objective nature, what we really do within ThreatZERO, and what I like to say is, we're built for comfort and speed. So when I say comfort and speed, what I really mean is we're going to get a customer as quickly as possible to a state of measurable prevention.

Now note measurable, because that's really a thing. In the world of KPIs and measured results, what we can do that really no one else can do, is get our customers to a provable state of prevention. We do that using our report cards, and again, we track it the whole way through.

Now we hear a lot of folks that say, "Hey, wait a minute, you know what? Is ThreatZERO kind of like everlasting or is it a subscription, or how does that work?" What we do is, again, we get a customer through to that preventative state as quickly as possible, but we move at their speed.

What’s New with ThreatZERO?

With ThreatZERO, what we're doing next, and again, I want to say “product services”, because that's really what we are.

We've got a lot of really exciting stuff coming. A lot of people have been asking me lately, “what about OPTICS? What are we doing with OPTICS?” What we really want to do is move away from CylancePROTECT and CylanceOPTICS and move towards that platform, because that's what we are. We are a platform company, so think about CylancePERSONA and think about how we tie all those things in and really it plays to the platform.

How do we get the platform in for security, enable our customers to utilize not only that platform of prevention that we lay with PROTECT traditionally, but also add the visibility and awareness that we bring forward with OPTICS. And then from there, we lay PERSONA and these sort of things on top of it.

Now, what everybody doesn't know is that in that platform are all of our traditional services as well, so incident response, incident containment, incident response retainers, so when you have an incident, that paperwork, we go right into that response, so there's really no delay in getting the things. Also, we lay a lot of assessments on top of that, new services like vCISO, so our virtual CISO, and also some other strategic offerings, tabletop exercises, ICS.

Lots of good stuff. It all comes from the platform, and it all layers on that foundation of prevention.

Is Prevention Possible?

Absolutely, and we can prove it."

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