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Customer Testimonial: Byron DeLoach on Why We Chose BlackBerry Cylance

VIDEOS / 06.18.19 / Cylance Videos

Byron DeLoach is the Director of Adaptive Services at Cybriant. In this customer testimonial, he explains the reasons why he chose BlackBerry Cylance's antivirus solutions, including CylanceOPTICS.


"The reason we went with BlackBerry Cylance is because we felt like it was the best in class. At the time, we were looking at a couple of other products. To be honest, Cylance was so much better and so much quicker to respond that we couldn't see how we didn't go with Cylance.  
The proof of concept (POC) for Cylance was pretty incredible. We installed the product on a couple of our sandbox systems, and it actually... well, we had to back that down a little bit, because we couldn't explode the (malware) files in our sandbox. Cylance was blocking them before they ever got a chance to run! We were pretty impressed with that.

The thing that impressed us most with BlackBerry Cylance, or distinguished BlackBerry Cylance the most, was the fact that we saw what would happen in the system, pre-execution. It was like we were running files in a sandbox, but we weren't getting the infection. Then, we also had the luxury of CylanceOPTICS, that allowed us to take a deep dive into what actually did happen whenever we ran, or attempted to run, a file.

With OPTICS, we can actually trace every single thing that an application does, when it touches registry keys, if it reaches out to the Internet, if it touches other files or applications on the system, and what it includes, along with the exact command line that was run with that application. OPTICS saves us a ton of time as far as building and tearing down sandboxes, and it allows us to very quickly provide reports to the customer on what exactly is happening in their environment.

We don't use anything other than BlackBerry Cylance to protect our workstations. We don't see the need to burden our systems with extra agents. We're also replacing two agents. We're replacing an antivirus and an anti-malware on most systems, so instead of having two different applications running, we're running just BlackBerry Cylance. 

The ROI for us for BlackBerry Cylance is the fact that we don't have tens of thousands of logs to dig through at the end of the day. We have a true trust and belief in the fact that the product's doing its job. Our adversaries are using best-in-class tools to hack our customers, so they need something that can protect them against that, and in our opinion, BlackBerry Cylance is the only tool that meets that need."

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