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Customer Testimonial: Why Phoenix Children’s Hospital Relies on BlackBerry Cylance

VIDEOS / 06.04.19 / Cylance Videos

Daniel Shuler is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Phoenix Children's Hospital. What do you do when you don’t have a huge budget to protect your infrastructure? You call BlackBerry Cylance. 
Daniel talks about his experience transitioning from using traditional endpoint products, to using to a security solution based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, including BlackBerry Cylance’s ThreatZERO services, including CylancePROTECT®. 


"We learned about Cylance very early on when it was first coming around, and it was something that was a very interesting opportunity to be involved with. Just the different way about thinking really rang true, especially as I was developing the program at Phoenix Children's (hospital) where we didn't necessarily have the big teams and budgets to address what the others require quite a large infrastructure to do.

When you're looking in the proof of concept (POC) and what is sometimes called proof of value (POV) now, the ability to deploy this product on top of our current product allowed us to look at them side by side. It was an immediate proof of value to see that there were things making it through that we necessarily were not being alerted to that we were now getting an increased visibility on. Using the ThreatZERO service to be able to step through all of what you needed to do to get it done, we did it in a very short time frame.

We made a 100% transition from the traditional endpoint protection to BlackBerry Cylance. Having CylancePROTECT do the job that it does really has reduced the amount of time that we have to spend on really the response aspect of that operational team giving us more time to look forward. 

If it wasn't for our weekly review of the events that happened, there have literally been events that we didn't know happened that easily would have impacted some form of operations around the hospital. The idea that you have a central console that really reaches across your entire organization, it's the first thing and really, probably to this day, the only thing that I have complete confidence in where it was deployed, how it was deployed and give me that visibility I can rely on across my infrastructure."

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