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The Truth About BlackBerry Cylance

CORPORATE / 06.26.19 / John Chen

BlackBerry has long been a brand that people around the world have a strong emotional connection to.  The power of the association between BlackBerry and people emerged from our mobile technology innovations that advanced how humans connect, our complete commitment to individual privacy and the reliability of our security. 

While we pivoted our strategy to software five years ago we still see the same passion for and connection from people to the brand.  This comes from the fact that our strategic foundation remains the same and it is one of the key reasons we are building an Internet of Things platform (IoT).  The IoT has great potential to connect the world in new ways, but to be realized it requires the security, privacy and reliability that the world trusts BlackBerry to deliver. 

Earlier this year we added BlackBerry Cylance, Artificial Intelligence based cybersecurity capabilities, to our IoT product portfolio and the interest the milestone has generated has been notable.  Our competition, who we are grateful for, in particular have been paying attention.  We are happy to share the truth about BlackBerry Cylance here:

  • BlackBerry Cylance is a suite of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence based cybersecurity products from BlackBerry that today protect fixed endpoints.  The products are uniquely capable of threat prevention, preventing known and unknown threats and predicting threats up to 25 months before they are found in the real world.
  • The products also detect and respond to threats and they do this with no human interaction and while online or offline.  The strength of these capabilities is well-illustrated by one customer who after deployment saw their endpoint threat detection number drop from 30,000 to less than 10 a day.
  • The false positive rate of BlackBerry Cylance threat detection is one of the lowest in the market at 0.000314%.
  • BlackBerry Cylance is easy to install, as it is 100% SaaS and takes just a few minutes to install remotely.  In-line with our customer-first focus, we do also offer an on-prem option for our customers that require it, for example in government, healthcare, aviation and oil and gas.
  • BlackBerry Cylance products only store data that is relevant for threat analysis.  The data is stored locally, protecting user privacy and eliminating the costs and security and privacy risks related to cloud storage.
  • BlackBerry Cylance products are easy to use, being the only technology of its kind that does not depend on the cloud so able to prevent unknown cyberattacks even with no connectivity.
  • Today BlackBerry Cylance products are being used by over 4,000 customers.  Last quarter almost 100 customers spent over $100K on BlackBerry Cylance products and more than 10 spent over $500K.
  • BlackBerry has delivered 13 consecutive quarters of profitability, allowing us to dedicate over 1,500 engineers to product development this fiscal year while continuing to forecast total company profitability including BlackBerry Cylance.
  • Over the coming months, BlackBerry Cylance products will be embedded into BlackBerry’s IoT platform, BlackBerry Spark, to deliver the most complete IoT platform that you can trust.

Thank you to our customers, partners, competitors and other supporters.  We are excited about our collective journey ahead and will continue to honor your trust in BlackBerry through our operations, strategy and respect for how we communicate to and about all. 

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John Chen

About John Chen

John Chen is former Executive Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of BlackBerry.