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Work smarter, not harder

“Work smarter, not harder”.

You’ve probably heard this saying numerous times, but have you ever stopped to considered how you can personally implement this change? Especially with the increasing importance of protecting your data, companies need a way to enhance their data privacy without breaking the bank and wasting resources. Changing the way you do business doesn’t have to imply drastically updating your entire business model, or re-arranging your team. Sometimes, the best changes are the simplest.

So what simple change can smarten the way you do work? The answer: Add Notate Pro for BlackBerry Dynamics to your daily work life.

Notate Pro is a productivity tool for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 that you can use to drastically increase your productivity, and protect your data at the same time. A common misconception is that this product is only used for taking notes, but Notate isn’t simply just a note taking tool; it’s so much more.

  • Notes & Tasks – Having issues with taking notes/remembering deadlines? The Notes feature allows you to create, store, and share typed or handwritten notes. You can also do the same with images, recordings and more, in a single, secure place. And, you’ll always have them with you, on your desktop or mobile device. With the Tasks feature, create and track your own tasks or even assign tasks to others – a great way to assign action items in meetings.
  • Business Card Scanner – Hate keeping track of every business card you collect? The Contacts feature allows you to directly scan business cards into your Outlook contacts.
  • Documents – Do you find it annoying having to print a document to sign and then scan and email? With the Documents functionality, you can sign electronically and with a full PDF editor, scan, review, and annotate documents directly within the app. No more using multiple apps on your computer and getting lost with saving all the documents to your desktop.

With the new Attachment update on iOS, you’re able to:

  • Easily sign and return PDF documents without having to print off, sign, and scan the document.
  • Easily find attachments within your email without having to scroll through months and months of old emails.
  • Easily collaborate on PDF documents in shared folders with your team instead of having to manually send version after version of documents with messy notes attached.

Notate is secure, faster, more convenient, and overall just a better way of dealing with documents and notes. Notate keeps your data private and protected, and its new features will greatly improve your day to day work tasks.

So how can you take advantage of this application? Notate is an enterprise productivity tool for Microsoft Exchange/Office 365, enabling digital transformation and data protection in the palm of your hand. Download the app today to utilize its full feature set, and work smarter, not harder.

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