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Why Jack Daniel is Strangely Optimistic about the Future of Cybersecurity

VIDEOS / 08.27.19 / Cylance Videos

Our man-on-the-street Matt Stephenson spent some quality time with cybersecurity legend Jack Daniel at BSides Las Vegas. While Jack was protected from the 168-degree heat with his spectacular suit, he also had some thoughts on why he is optimistic about the future of cybersecurity. Dig it!

Jack Daniel is a regular, featured speaker at ShmooCon, SOURCE Boston, DEFCON, RSA, and other marque conferences, He is widely considered a leading security community activist and thought leader. Jack is co-host of Security Weekly and served as director of the National Information Security Group (NAISG). He is co-founder of Security BSides, and his Uncommon Sense Security blog has been named to the Security Bloggers Network Hall of Fame.


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