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Wild West Hackin Fest: The Real Deal About AI

NEWS / 09.18.19 / Josh Fu

What: The Wild West Hackin Fest 2019 (WWHF-19)
When: Oct 23-25, 2019
Where: The Deadwood Mountain Grand (Conf Hotel), Deadwood, South Dakota

Have you ever had the itch to go visit Deadwood, SD? If not, you should mosey on over to the Wild West Hackin’ Fest during the week of October 22.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not your average local hacking conference. This diamond-in-the-rough draws in over 1,000 members of the top talent from all of the surrounding states. You’ll have the chance to learn from premier members of the cybersecurity industry, including our friend and owner of Black Hills Information Security, John Strand.

John wrote a detailed, five-part blog about Cylance back in 2017. More recently, he was a guest on our podcast, InSecurity. What is exciting is that his company not only sponsors this conference, but this will be the first time anyone at BlackBerry Cylance has been invited to speak at it. After being a speaker at multiple conferences around the world and fresh from BlackHat, I will be holding a fireside chat at WWHF, where I will present The Real Deal About AI. 

The Real Deal About AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is impacting our world in previously unimaginable ways, but it’s still amazing how few vendors discuss how it really works. If you are looking for an insight into AI, this is the talk for you. We will cover the history of this incredibly innovative technology, what it is and what it is not, the steps required to produce a solution, the subfields that make up AI, how various industries are using it, and at the end of the presentation provide the reference list for you to dive deeper into this next generation field and get started for yourself.

Visit today to register and prepare your company by learning the latest research and techniques involving underground threats and corporate defenses from your industry peers and mentors. If you’re looking for a thorough grounding in AI, this conference is the best bang for your buck. They’re even including two lunches and dinner.

I look forward to seeing you there!

-Josh Fu, BlackBerry Cylance

About the Wild West Hacking Fest:

Education is the main goal of Wild West Hackin’ Fest 2019.  When we share knowledge, we become stronger, and we all benefit. We are bringing in some of the best and brightest from the infosec industry for talks, training and workshops.  We’re also building numerous labs, a Capture the Flag, an Escape Room and so much more!

The Internet of Things is still such a new part of the information security industry, we want to further explore its strengths, weaknesses and have fun doing it!  Education is the main goal with any conference, and this one is no different. When we share knowledge, we become stronger, and we all benefit. We are bringing in some of the best and brightest from the infosec industry for talks and training.

Labs & Workshops:

Josh Fu

About Josh Fu

Security Engineer at Cylance.

Josh Fu, CISM, CISSP, is a Security Engineer for Cylance. Josh has experience as a Channel Manager and consultant in cloud infrastructure and as a Sales Engineer in cybersecurity. Josh founded the West Coast chapter of the International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals and has presented in front of industry audiences across the country.